Why Influencer Marketing is The Marketing Strategy Of 2018

Why Influencer Marketing is The Marketing Strategy Of 2018


According to a research study, it has been discovered that influencer marketing has shown a whopping 325 percent rise in the searches per month, and about 200 new agencies that focus on influencer marketing have joined the industry. Influencer marketing has been responsible for about 30 percent of the total online customer acquisition, and as much as 67 percent of the businesses have increased their budget for influencer marketing.

It may look surprising that startups which opt for enthusiastic influencer marketing campaigns are being nationally recognized. Even though influencer marketing might appear quite simple on the outside, it does involve a complex landscape. A proper plan has to be put in place and strategic implementation is required to get optimistic results.

To start with, let us understand how many different kinds of influencers are present in the market. Form food, fashion and beauty to business, finance and sales, the list is endless. Within each niche, there are different kinds of influencers – celebrities, news personalities, bloggers, YouTube personalities, etc.

Next, we understand what is it that makes influencer marketing so crucial in the current system of marketing. Let us take a moment to think the internet, which has made it so much more easier to get information about any product or service. From the entrepreneur’s side, it has become very simple to publish any information regarding the business. And most often this information posted may not be true, and this is something customers already know about. So, to trust anything mentioned on the internet is difficult. This is where influencers come into the picture. The influencer already has a fan base, who religiously him/her. So, if they post about your product or promote your product in any sort of way, their followers will trust your product, because it is coming from someone they know and believe in. Influencer marketing allows you to build trust easily.

Apart from the trust factor that is established, influencer marketing also allows you to create more awareness regarding your products and your brand. To raise brand awareness is a project that continues for a long time, and it needs time, money and resources to make THE name. Influencer marketing helps you speed up this process. It helps you acquire new customers, and retain the old ones. When you chose the correct influencer for your brand, you are automatically targeting the right target audience for your brand. You don’t have to do the searching.