6 YouTube Marketing Strategies

6 YouTube Marketing Strategies

Youtube marketing

YouTube is one of the most popular online platforms for businesses to promote their brand and products. We bring to six strategies that you could use to improve your marketing plans on YouTube and generate more returns. Read along:

(1) One way you could get attention and earn some undue credibility is by showcasing testimonials of your most loyal customers. You might as well include some of your family members, friends and well-wishers. When people provide a firsthand experience of any product, it tends to leave a longer lasting impression on the viewers. This is a low cost promotional tool, and in most cases, highly effective too.

(2) Using YouTube you can directly speak to your viewers through videos. So, after the end of the video, you could ask your viewers to take some specific action – such as, you can ask them to like and share the video and also subscribe to your channel for more videos. Or you could ask them to make a call to a toll free number or send out a mail or sign up for monthly newsletters or make a donation or make a purchase. Now, the other thing you need to be careful about is that you need to provide all of these actions as embedded links in the video itself or at least in the description.

(3) People use YouTube because it is filled with outrageous, entertaining videos. So, to take advantage of the whimsicality of YouTube, you can create a mindless video, but you need to make sure that the product placement is smooth. Creativity has to work at its best. If the video is engaging, people will want to know more about the brand as well.

(4) You could also share highlights from the latest event that you organized. Show some shortened footage of the event – some sort of time-lapse video will also do the job.

(5) There is one thing – you could shoot a previously happened event, shorten it, edit it and then post it. But, there is also something else that YouTube offers; you could show some live footage of an event happening right now.

(6) Instead of producing your own videos – spending money, resources and efforts on coming up with an idea and then working on that idea to turn it into a video, you could associate yourself with an already established star, who would promote your brand for you. These established YouTuber already has a huge fan base, and when they promote your product through their channel, their subscribers are actually willing to try.