Top 5 Nasdaq Stocks for the Last Year by Performance

The NASDAQ or Nasdaq Composite Index is a popular stock exchange in the United States. It is where small pieces of companies (called shares) are bought and sold. It is the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations exchange, which is the first electronic exchange where investors can buy and sell the stock. Second is the Nasdaq Composite Index, which is a statistical measure or you can say benchmark index for the technology stocks of the U.S market. It is quite young, as it exists since 1986. It is a capitalization-weighted stock market index. There are companies listed from all...

Top IPO’s of 2018

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. IPO is a concept which is associated with those companies who would want their shares to come on the Stock Market. So, if anyone wants their shares to go on the stock exchange, they will take re-cost to the phenomenon known as IPO. Thus, their shares would be coming for the first time in the market, which is what “I” of the IPO is used. It is the first time that a company offers its shares to the public through a medium, and that medium is stock exchange. For the Indian person, it can...
How to Create More Earning Opportunities

How to Create More Earning Opportunities

The first step to creating more earning opportunities is to manage your time efficiently and effectively. Your morning schedule should start at the earliest possible hour. Calculate the free time you spend at home before going to work. It should also include the free time after work and going to bed. Salary and Satisfaction Index […]