Why Buying Locally Can Help You Save Big


You see it plastered on store windows and mentioned in your home newspaper: buy local. There are often misconceptions that buying products locally will cost you more money. However, this isn’t the case. Buying local can help you save big in all areas of your life. From large scale purchases to your weekly grocery shopping, you can put more money in your piggy bank while boosting your local economy as well. To get more bang for your buck, keep reading for how you can increase your bank account buying locally!

Saving on Big Purchases

When it’s time to make a large scale home renovation or buy a car, you may default to consulting with a big business. Opting for a local small business instead will actually save you money in the long run.

  • Home Renovations: Home renovations are often costly. However, researching local small businesses in your area that can help you with a kitchen renovation or putting on a new roof won’t break the bank. Because they’re local, small businesses are easier to negotiate prices with. Local businesses want to establish a positive rapport with their customers to create patronage and help the community. Investing in your home will not only increase your home’s value, it will also boost your standard of living!
  • Buying a Car: Whether you just entered college and need a car or your old one had to be taken to the junkyard, buying a new or used car can be pricey. Local dealers will work with you to find a car for you that won’t cause a financial burden. For example, if you want to save money on a luxury car in your city, search for an Audi dealership near Seattle or wherever you reside and negotiate prices. You will drive home in style with a few extra bucks in your pocket.

Shopping for the Holidays

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming. From Christmas shopping to events like birthdays and weddings, finding gifts for the people you love can cause unnecessary stress. With so many personalities in your life, finding the perfect gift to show your appreciation and thoughtfulness shouldn’t be arduous. The benefit of shopping at mom-and-pop stores for gifts is that these presents will be unique and one-of-a-kind. Stay away from big business department stores and window shop as you stroll down Main Street.

As you begin your holiday shopping, keep your budget app handy so you know your limits. Shopping at local businesses will prevent you from impulse buys from large box stores that leave you going home with items you never intended to purchase. At local shops, you’ll likely receive friendlier customer service and help the families of these stores afford their own holiday gift wishes as well!

Food cost

Lowering Your Food Costs

Paying for food and grocery items can put a huge dent in your wallet. Americans are known to be the biggest culprit of food waste in the world. With billions of dollars thrown out the window each year with unwanted (yet perfectly good!) food, other populations suffer and the planet becomes less green. Save money and the world by shopping locally, learning how to cook instead of eating out,  and being conscious about food waste! Below are some ways to save on food and live a healthier lifestyle:

  • At The Grocery Store: Shopping at grocery stores is convenient, but as you traverse down the aisles you can begin throwing in snacks and junk food you don’t need. Most grocery stores have a “local” section where you can browse through products made by artisans, chefs, farmers, and bakers in your very own town! These products are often healthier and cheaper due to lower transportation costs and no need for a middle man. This will help you cut down on food waste while saving money at the grocery store.
  • Grow Your Own Food: Whether you live in the suburbs or in a bustling city, there are numerous ways you can grow your own food to save money. To begin, think about the produce you eat the most. Strawberries, beans, lettuce, and more are all easy-to-grow plants that will save you money in the long run. Head on over to your local farm or drug store, pick up some seeds, and begin growing! Or, stop by your local nursery and buy already grown herbs and vegetables to plant in your indoor vertical garden.
  • Farmers Market: Shopping at farmers markets is extremely affordable! Here, local farmers, bakers, and artisans congregate to offer you fresh produce, bread, and more at a lower cost. Pro Tip: Go towards the end of the day to get even cheaper costs as farmers lower their prices before they have to pack up or throw away unbought produce!

In Conclusion

Shopping locally is great for your wallet and your local community. Support your economy and families around you by purchasing their products at a cheaper price!