Turn Your Passion for Fashion Into a Business

If you love everything about fashion and makeup and enjoy writing and photography as well, consider creating a business from your passion. Not only will you have fun writing about fashion, making videos, and sharing your helpful tips with others, but you can also stay at home and make money.

It’s very important that you pick a specific niche before starting your business. It’s easier to focus on your topic and become an expert on it than to go in too many directions and create a tone and voice that is uniquely you to help stand out among the crowd. Let’s take a look at a few ways to get started on turning your passion for fashion into a business.

Start a Blog


Image via Flickr by jaguarmena

Fashion blogging is a fabulous way to make money. Blogs are fairly easy to start, but they take diligent work to be successful. Fashion blogging is extremely popular, and there are thousands of fashion blogs out there. You need to have a blog that’s creative, relevant, and easy to read and that subscribers are eager to go back to. Before you even begin to blog, you need to have a website. Create a professional-looking site or have someone make one for you. Your blog and social media channels will link back to your website, so make sure it looks fabulous. 

Create a catchy title for your blog that accurately reflects your personality and niche and when writing your blog, try and stay close to topics that are relevant to your subject. You can find hundreds of courses and videos on how to start, maintain, and make money from blogging, such as affiliate marketing. Pick a course and get started right away. 

Use Social Media

Everyone is on social media and understanding how to use them properly is crucial for growing your business. Make sure you’re consistent with your brand across all the platforms you use. Keep the same logo, name, tone, colors, and photos for everything so that when readers find you, they’ll recognize you immediately. Make sure you have a fabulous photo of yourself wearing a relevant style and makeup appropriate to your niche, whether it’s urban-cool or boho-chic. 

Become a Superstar Influencer

Once you have fans and followers for your YouTube channel, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, as well as Facebook and Twitter, consider influencer marketing as another way to make money. Brands will reach out to you about using their products in your videos, photos, and writing.

If you feel a brand is relevant to your particular branding and ethics, you can get paid to use the products and integrate that information into your blog and social media updates. You may find new and interesting clothes, makeup, and cosmetics that you fall in love with, and sharing that passion with others will encourage them to buy them.

Fashion is a fun business to get into. Stay on top of current trends, and keep your niche specialized. Take courses on building a website, how to make money as a blogger, as well as influencer marketing, and you can build a great business with your passion for fashion.