How Poor Finances Can Wreck Your Mental Health

How Poor Finances Can Wreck Your Mental Health

One of the biggest concerns someone in the first world has are their  finances. Whether they’re rich, poor, or in-between, financial concerns dominate everyone’s mind. People wonder about what can happen and wonder about what they can do to be able to be more financially sound. There is a good reasn for you to feel this way, too. With that said, here are some ways that poor finances can be bad for your mental state.

Unwanted expenses

Relationship Woes

The first one is that poor finances can have an impact on one’s relationship. Many marriages end because of poor finances. Someone may be spending a lot of money and not telling their spouse, or one may not be making enough and owe a lot. With finances, you should definitely be honest with your spouse, and the two of you should work together on providing for yourselves and for your family. If you want to spend money on your kids and not too much, visit this site for more info.


Stress is a big factor in the relationship between finances and your mental health. When you are stressed, you find yourself unable to function very well. You may feel like you’re at your limit. Some stress is good for you, and can motivate you, but too much stress just causes mental health problems and ironically can make you lose your motivation. Make sure you are not over stressed when you are dealing with finances, and try to get some help if possible.

Less Money to Take Risks

If you want to gain money, you sometimes need to invest. This can mean literally investing money in stocks, or spending enough resources to job hunt and to find a better way of life for you and your family. When you have less money, you have less incentive to take risks, and this can create a cycle that is hard to break.

Less Fun

When you are financially stressed, you have less money to spend on fun. Buying something nice for yourself, or going on a vacation can be great for your mental health. However, with a lack of finances, this can be hard to do. Less fun equals poorer mental health. Everyone needs a chance to unwind, and of course, there are ways to have fun without spending money, but money certainly helps.

Worse Spending

Ironically, people who are financially destroyed tend to have much worse spending habits than someone who is not. For example, you may spend more money eating out instead of going to the grocery, or spend money on alcohol. This can wreck your finances even more, which is quite a shame. You should strive to spend better when you are financially at risk, but many people do not do this. Make sure you’re spending wisely.

Of course, when you have mental troubles, it can be hard to manage your finances and get back on track, one solution would be for you to

Seek Help!

If you have a hard time keeping your money together, this may be a sign of depression or another mental woe. Luckily, there is hope. A counselor can help you when you’re having issues and allow you to be much better about how you spend.

Thanks to onling counseling, getting a therapist or counselor is easier than ever. You don’t have to leave the home and you can pay for as much therapy as you need. It’s a great way to improve your health and you’re going to love the results you receive. For more information, click below: