How to Use Paypal eChecks Effectively

How to Use Paypal eChecks Effectively

If you own a bank account and you are over 18 years of age, you must definitely at some point in your life use a paper check to make a financial transaction. Even with the advancement of technology, the traditional paper check is one of the most preferred ways to make a financial transaction. Particularly, when huge sums transferred or received.

However, thanks to PayPal, you can make financial traction in a more secure and easy way. PayPal eCheck is an electronic payment funded by the buyer’s bank account. It functions just like a paper check. According to PayPal, an eCheck must clear the bank before it is credited to its recipient. Moreover, it takes 6 business days for the money to get transferred from one bank account to another. 

How Does an eCheck Work?

For those who have been running a business for a long time will know that customers are continually looking for new and efficient ways to make online payments. So, someone using a paper check till now will find an eCheck far more appealing than a direct bank transfer. Not to mention, the additional security they get by taking the physical paper out of the equation. But how does an eCheck work? 

According to Investopedia, an eCheck is an extension of the services provided by a bank and comes under the domain of electronic fund transfers (EFTs). There is really not much of a difference between an ATM withdrawal, direct bank transfer or an eCheck. All of the above-mentioned ways to transact money are carried out online. eCheck was invented for those who are acquainted with paper checks. 

How to Use Paypal eChecks Effectively?

Most people are not yet acquainted with eChecks. PayPal receives a ton of messages from users asking them questions like “I purchased an item online and mistakenly paid via eCheck. What should I do now?” 

If your PayPal account is connected to your bank account (preferably a checking account), there is no problem in paying for your purchases via eCheck. However, there is still a massive confusion within the PayPal users.

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This is how you can make a payment using PayPal eCheck: The first step to making a payment with PayPal’s eCheck is to have a checking account ready. Provide your checking account and routing number while registering with PayPal. 

Now, your PayPal eChecks account is ready!

Next, anytime you wish to send an eCheck, simply login to your account and click on “Send Money”. Next, enter the recipient’s name, email address and other details along with the amount you wish to transfer. 

After you click Save, you will see an option saying “You’re sending with”. This is where you confirm the payment method. For an eCheck transfer, select your bank account. Leave other fields (if applicable) vacant or unselected. Click on “send money now”. Your payment will get pressed within a week.


This is how you effectively use PayPal eChecks to make a financial transaction. Receiving money via PayPal eChecks is effortless. You will get an email notification informing you about the payment status. The money should get deposited in your bank account within a week.