How to Eat out Every Day on a Budget

How to Eat out Every Day on a Budget

Eating out every day can cost you more than $1000 a month. Particularly, if you love comfort food like doughnut and coffee for breakfast. Most people prefer eating out once in a while but if you stay away from home or don’t have a proper kitchen at your current residence, you will want to eat out at a price you can afford. I am also assuming that $1000 a month is not something you want to spend on food. Plus, you don’t have to feel alone, 58 percent of American adults dine out at least once a week. So, you won’t be short of company!

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The Best Ways to Eat out Every Day on a Budget?  

1) Make the Best of Your Student Discount

If you are a student, you will be surprised to know that restaurants like Deliveroo, Chiquito, Byron Burger, Pizza Express and many more offer some really amazing discounts for school and college students. Age is no bar. All you need is a valid student ID card and you can enjoy your favorite food for cheap. If you are not a student but have a sibling who goes to school/college, by all means, ask them to order food using their account–just make sure not to get caught! 

2) Always Have Tap Water

You can drink tap water without worrying about getting infected by parasites or viruses. Tap water, in the US, is regulated by the US Environmental protection Agency (EPA). No matter how delicate your stomach is, you can easily go by drinking a glass of unfiltered water, straight out of the tap. Just make sure the restaurant you are having food, takes proper care of hygiene. Bottled water will cost you $1.45-$2.00 every time you go out for food.

3) Follow the nearby restaurants on Facebook or Instagram

You might not be aware of this fact but both local and fancy restaurants in your city are looking to connect with a customer on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Social media sites and apps are used not only for recruitment but also to lure new customers with exciting offers. On many occasions, you can save 40-50 percent of expenses on food. As you are trying to save some cash, you don’t have to become their loyal customer. Just show up when they have a great deal going on.

Is Eating out Everyday Healthy? 

Eating out is never healthier than having freshly prepared home-cooked food but if you are short on time, you could benefit by eating out cheap. Preparing meals at home takes about 30-60 minutes. Unless you know how to prepare food for the entire week and store it in a refrigerator, you are better off eating out. Just make sure the food is prepared from fresh and hygienic ingredients. To answer your question, no eating out is not a healthy choice.