6 Meetups About Entrepreneurship You Should Attend in Dallas

6 Meetups About Entrepreneurship You Should Attend in Dallas

There is no other city other than Dallas, Texas that provides the infrastructure and facilities for startups and small businesses. There is a reason why it is placed third on GOBankingRates top five cities for entrepreneurs in the United States. A report by INC confirms the numbers.

Secondly, there are plenty of reasons to start a business in Dallas. It is affordable, you can expect a high ROI and most importantly, the people here are friendly and cordial. This is why you should attend these 6 meetups about entrepreneurship in this city.

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Here Are the 6 Meetups About Entrepreneurship You Should Attend in Dallas

1) Entrepreneurship Club at UT Dallas

UT Dallas is a meetup group based in Richardson, TX. The primary purpose of this group is to provide an opportunity to budding entrepreneurs to learn the fundamentals of this trade. They discuss things like key behavior traits of successful business owners, conversation skills, how to recognize opportunities that others don’t see, and many more. Join this influential group today!

2) Royaltie Gems

Are you a small business owner or a solo-entrepreneur looking for customers? This group is based in the heart of the city. The main agenda of Royaltie Gems is to discuss little-known and effective ways to attract new customers. Join this group if you are looking to scale your small business. 

3) DFW Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs

As the name suggests, DFW Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs are those who believe in God while also being progressive and ambitious. Here, you can meet like-minded business owners of Christian faith. According to the organizer Chris A, the group is intended to help you explore the intersection of faith, entrepreneurship, and technology.

4) Friday Night Entrepreneurs Meetup

Do you work five days a week and do not get the time to meet other like-minded business owners who are also working on their side hustles? If yes then this group is you. Founded by Kalandra S, Friday Night Entrepreneurs Meetup is for those who wish to go out on the weekend and discuss business. The meetup venues mainly consist of local diners, eateries, and cafes.

5) Blacks in Technology – Dallas

Blacks in Technology – Dallas is one of a kind meetup group for African Americans who work in technology and are also interested in the subject of Entrepreneurship. The main purpose of this meetup group is to unite the black community in Dallas and arm them with vital insights about the tech industry. Here, you will find the answers you’ve always wanted.

6) Plano Software Entrepreneurs Meetup

Plano software entrepreneurship meetup is for anyone located nearby Plano, Texas; interested in commercializing a software service or product. The meetups are held on the evening of the first Wednesday of every month. For a software professional, this is a great opportunity to learn step-by-step techniques to conceptualize, design, develop and dispatch a project.


Along with GOBankingRates, there are plenty of other reputed sources claiming Texas to be the number one state for small business owners. If you live nearby Dallas, make sure to attend the above-mentioned meetups to become a part of a fast-growing community.