Free or Cheap Things to do on a Budget

Free or Cheap Things to do on a Budget

We all try to save money at various points throughout the year, but it can be incredibly tough at times, particularly if you live in an expensive big city or have a large family to look after. One aspect of life which can require big investment is in the numerous entertainment options we have available to us these days, perhaps in the form of theatre tickets or newly-released consoles like a PlayStation 5. 

If you’re trying to save money, it can be tough when your child or nephew wants a sophisticated console at Christmas or you have a number of presents to buy for the family. Attending theme parks, cinemas, leisure centres, eating out, and everything else people do to keep themselves entertained can leave costs spiralling out of control also. It’s therefore entirely understandable why people aim to cut costs where they can and search for cheap or completely free entertainment options instead. Living a frugal life doesn’t need to be boring either. With that in mind, below is a look at some of the best things to do on a budget. 

Go thrift shopping

Just because you’re trying to make various savings along the way, doesn’t mean that you can’t allocate a budget and treat yourself with a few purchases from time to time. A great way of getting more bang for your buck is by going thrift shopping, where you can find numerous bargains.

Play or watch a game

Board games, puzzle games and even a traditional deck of cards is a great thing to reel out in times of need. Thanks to the sophisticated smartphone devices of today, you can even download a variety of free games on both iOS or Android too. Don’t forget that you can also play casino games in demo mode for free. Casino games at a reputable UK provider are a go-to option for many too, not only providing a great deal of entertainment but giving players the opportunity to win real money also. More athletic, outdoor adventures are worth exploring too, perhaps by playing soccer or basketball in the park or joining a recreational sports league in your local community. You could even attend as a spectator if your playing days are over. 

Host a yard sale 

A great way to give you something to do but also earn some money along the way and have a clear-out of any unused stuff in the process is by holding a yard sale. Whether it’s unwanted clothes or old furniture, get it all on display outside of your front door and see if any neighbours might be able to make use of it. 


Get cooking

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If you’re keen to pass the time but also eat better, then cooking or even baking is a great option. Not only can it aid relaxation, but you’ll have a range of tasty treats to tuck into. Baking doesn’t need to be expensive, either. Likewise, neither does cooking, particularly if you opt for vegetarian dishes, as they’re generally cheaper thanks to their meat-free offering. There is a range of recipe apps and online resources you can use to eat well on the cheap.

Listen to music 

Music can come in handy in most circumstances. Whether you’re bored and want to boogie down to some classic tracks or you’re keen to play some musical chairs with the kids, music is a great way of keeping boredom at bay. You can listen to a whole host of tracks for free on the radio or on popular platforms like YouTube. 

Other things to do on a budget include: spend time outdoors, volunteer, read a book, visit a museum, make something, and get into an exercise routine

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