3 Medical Operations That Can Save You Money in The Long Run

3 Medical Operations That Can Save You Money in The Long Run

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Spending money is never fun; however, living with medical problems can sometimes be worse. We’ve all had those moments when we should’ve gone to a doctor but didn’t want to spend the money. Sometimes it’s easier to look for less expensive, more temporary solutions. However, resorting to alternative methods can be just as costly. Purchasing pain relievers, medicines, creams, ice packs, and other remedies will drain expenses over time. Sometimes it’s better to pay more upfront so you can save more money in the long run. Let’s look at three medical operations that could save you big money over the years by fixing costly problems. 

Laser Eye Surgery

Around 12 million Americans over the age of 40 have vision impairment problems. Eyeglasses cost hundreds of dollars and a few months supply of contact lenses have similar costs. Some people will grunt and bear their vision impairment to avoid costs at the sacrifice of their average living experience. LASIK and laser eye surgeries can repair vision problems for a few thousand dollars. In relation to cost over time, LASIK and laser eye surgeries can save you money over 15 plus years because you won’t have to buy any more frames or contacts. 

Stem Cell Therapy

There are parts of the body that lose tissue and nerves as time goes on — respectively cartilage and neurons. This causes many problems associated with your back, knees, and spine. Steroid shots, pain medication, and physical therapy are costly options to mitigate this pain. A newer alternative, stem cell therapies can potentially create new cells to place the damaged ones: your body will feel better. Want to learn more about stem cell therapy and pain management? Contact the healthcare experts at ThriveMD today. 

Regular Dental Checkups

This isn’t a specific, one-time operation, but scheduling regular dental checkups with your dentist can save you money later on down the road. Regularly brushing your teeth twice a day is great, but a dentist’s office has better tools and experienced, trained staff to clean your teeth better. If unchecked, cavities, root canals, gum diseases, tooth sensitivity, and even loss of teeth could be problems in the future.  Be sure to limit sugary drinks and other acidic foods that can damage your teeth over time (it can also save you money too!). 

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