3 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still the Best Marketing Strategy in the Market

3 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still the Best Marketing Strategy in the Market

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Just like how writing a letter is something that can never go outdated, that is exactly how emails are one of the earliest advancements of internet that had made the entire concept of personal and professional dialogues faster and efficient. You’ll be surprised to know, even with WhatsApp and Facebook messengers ruling the internet world today, a daily of 270 billion emails are sent and received. Emails are still a very potential source of communication, especially in the corporate world. Then why not use it to brand your company to the market?
Email marketing is one of the most effective channels to build awareness about your business amongst your customers, and hence build some crucial relationships with your clients. Email marketing allows you to grab attention of potential prospects, and convert them into valuable, loyal customers. Here is a list of reasons as to how effective email marketing actually is. Read along to find out more:

(1) Email marketing tends to improve brand recognition, the first step of any marketing plan. How well is the general public able to identify your brand in the market? When you send out email newsletters, you are including your logo, consistently maintaining the color scheme and visuals, so that every email gets them closer to you. When people tend be become more aware of a brand, they pick it more when it comes to making a choice between two similar brands or products.

(2) Email marketing also promotes customer retention, which one of the most important tools to keep your business alive. I have said it before, and I will say it again, an old customer is a lower investment than a new customer altogether. If your marketing team concentrates on sending out the right number of mails, keeping in mind the content of each mail, customers will want to keep coming back to your brand. When you are sending out emails, you are constantly reminding your customers that you are still functioning well and you care about their existence too.

(3) With every email you send, you establish a certain authority of everything you’ve achieved so far and how well you are functioning in the industry. Giving out tips, informative content and suggestions to some of their common problems is something that gives you a chance to prove to your customers that you are a tough player in the industry, and you know your industry well enough to pass on wisdom.