The Convenience of Banking, Lending & Retirement Planning Under One Roof

The Convenience of Banking, Lending & Retirement Planning Under One Roof

Saving money

We lead increasingly busy lives. There’s little time for the niceties and even less to take care of our personal finances. Whether needing an auto loan to finance the replacement of our eight-year-old vehicle that’s begging to be retired or needing to plan for our own retirement, the convenience of having a single solution provider is not to be overlooked.

Banking of Many Flavors

Banking comes in many shapes and forms. There’s the regular checking account and sometimes a high-income checking account that offers sensible interest rates for minimum balances that don’t fall below a high ceiling like $10,000.

Students are also not forgotten, as they’ll often have special accounts that waive the monthly maintenance fee to keep the account open, don’t require a paycheck to come in regularly (not every student works part-time), and often waive some ATM fees too. Certainly, with BB&T, their student checking account offers two fee-free withdrawals every month when using the bank’s ATMs, so there’s no network charge.

Credit and debit cards are usually accessible too from the banking team. It’s easier to get them approved when the bank already has access to your past history with them. They can see whether your accounts are in good standing and reflect well on your application.


Whether needing that auto loan to get new wheels to cruise around with or a personal loan for some discretionary spending, the lending team at a bank can get a clear idea about your spending patterns evident in your banking habits. Also, with banks such as BB&T, your credit score and credit history matters with any application as well.

For people who want help with buying a home, the home mortgage enables them to buy an apartment or a house depending what they’re looking for. When planning to renovate, a home equity line is useful if you need to fund improvements or cover things when they unexpectedly go over budget.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance is there to protect you and your belongings. Whether that’s a homeowner’s policy where the bank knows the house because you already have a home mortgage for it, or its specialized flood insurance for parts of town that are deemed more vulnerable, buying insurance from your bank is hassle-free.

Savings & Investments

Whether you’re wanting to save well in advance for the kids’ college fund, to retire early before you’re too old to enjoy it, or find a good place to stick some savings at a better rate, a bank will usually have some suitable savings products. Investing isn’t easy to learn or do yourself, so hiring professionals to manage a mutual fund or another type of investment where the capital is put to work on your behalf provides peace of mind.

Having everything under one roof for all your checking, savings, investing, and insurance needs saves you time and often money too. We are so rushed running around taking care of our lives and fulfilling the needs of our employer that important financial matters tend to fall by the wayside. It’s only after the dog gets sick that we think about taking out pet insurance, but then theirnowpre-existing condition isn’t covered. Streamlining our life by letting the bank take care of everything makes it possible to manage once more.