6 Must-Follow Facebook Pages for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

6 Must-Follow Facebook Pages for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Do you want to be a full-time entrepreneur? 

Gone are the days when starting a new company was considered a mountain to climb. To transition from an employee to a business person, you–along with having expertise in your field– just need to work on the financial side of things. This is where online business magazines and free lectures come into play. This post is intended to share with you some Facebook pages for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Here are the 6 must-follow Facebook pages for aspiring entrepreneurs

1) TED


TED is a non-profit organization that gives smart people a platform to share their unique ideas and experiences with those who are unfortunate not to have these people in their real lives. Along with watching these charismatic and energetic people on YouTube, I reckon you should also follow their Facebook page. 

2) Tai Lopez

Tai Lopex might be surrounded by controversy but there is no denying that he is one of the instigators of modern marketing. A lot of people accuse Tai of being a scam artist but there is no evidence or proof of him being one. While haters continue to attack him with nasty comments on social media, Tai continues to come with some ingenious courses for wannabe entrepreneurs. Follow his Facebook page for a daily dose of motivation.

3) Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most active business and entrepreneurship mentors on the internet. He posts 3-4 times a day in all his social media accounts. On Facebook, you can enjoy short videos on topics like entrepreneurship, digital marketing, personal development, and communication skills.

4)  Inc. Magazine

Relatively unknown among young entrepreneurs, Inc is an American business magazine based in New York City. Inc is mainly focused on helping business owners with some experience under their belt. It may not be so useful for young entrepreneurs. Even their Facebook page consists of more serious and in-depth content. Again, not something a newbie entrepreneur would be interested in.

5) Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is another magazine popular among business students and entrepreneurs. It keeps you in touch with trends in strategy and business. Moreover, most of the posts on this Facebook page are links to their personal finance/business blog. So, follow this page if you are interested in reading a free online magazine that gives you all the facts you need to make important business decisions.

6) Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a business networking group that conducts regular meetups all over the globe. At their events, newbie, as well as experienced entrepreneurs, get a chance to network, build teams, choose projects, and pitch their business idea over a weekend. To stay abreast of the latest happenings in your city, follow their Facebook page.


With the advent of high-speed internet, there is no shortage of resources today. You can have any information you wish at the tip of your fingers. Reading a mere blog like this one can open up new channels of information. Follow or like the Facebook pages linked in this post to get some great ideas for your next venture.