5 Hobbies Life Insurance Companies Hate To Insure

Life insurance companies have the daunting task of insuring individuals who may or may not practice the safest or sanest of occupations, hobbies or extra curricular activities. Yet it is their job to do so at cost of course. It stands to reason that if you play with fire, you might burned and as such if your hobby is one that makes life insurance companies hearts skip a beat, your premium and overall rate might sky dive as well.

Below we look at five fun and thrilling hobbies that some individuals take up that insurance companies are not so thrilled to insure.

1. Sky Diving –

This one is pretty obvious and for good reason as it has major potential for all sorts of bad outcomes. However people love it and it’s not going away anytime soon. If you’re a professional sky diver and or just one who loves it so much that you do it several times a year or more, we know insurance companies are looking at you kind of wonky.

2. African Safari’s –

I could be wrong, but I think many would love to go to at least one African Safari in their lifetime and see wild animals up close and personal in their natural habitat. Some actually do African Safari’s on a regular basis and make a sort of hobby out of it. How fortunate the few who can but we can see how this would pose a risk threat for insurers.

3. Race Car Driving –

Those who have a need for speed, should check and see how this hobby is going to cost them. Literally. We can only imagine the rate to insure a race car driver and how companies must have a special category for this most special (but cool) group of peeps.

4. Snow Skiing –

You have to admit that snow skiing looks like a world of fun and this is why it’s such a popular sport, hobby and year round activity in some parts of the US. In Aspen it’s a god send and even celebs take to it during the annual Sundance film festival.

5. Bunjee Jumping –

A leap from a bottomless cliff with nothing beneath you other than a large body of water filled with crocs. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why those practice this as a hobby are pretty hard to insure.

Have a need for speed? A penchant for thrills and adventures in far off lands that excite but scare the beejesus out of you. If so, then you might be hard to insure and an insurance company out there is not looking forward to your call.

Missy works for an online life insurance quotes provider and as such loves to write smart but fun life insurance topics.