Webcast Wednesday: “E-mail+Social = Profitable Client Retention” + MORE

Webcast Wednesday: “E-mail+Social = Profitable Client Retention” + MORE

Stock Images: Pay A Little Now or A Lot LaterToday we’ve been helping out a new client with some rough news. They were notified that they used a copyrighted image a couple of years ago and Getty now wants over $1,100 in licensing. We were able to track down the original author who uploaded it – a contract content writer. (We identified it using the post revision history in WordPress and the month/date path in it was uploaded to)…

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10 Easy Ways to Get More Retweets

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10 Easy Ways to Get More RetweetsTwitter offers a great way to extend your influence online: the retweet.
When used wisely, retweets often lead to more influence, more followers, and more web traffics. According to Statistic Brain, there are over 550 million active Twitter users as of April 2013, 58 million new tweets daily, and 135,000 new Twitter users every day…

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Infographic: A Look at the Digital Future of Global RetailOur friends at ExactTarget have released this infographic, A Look at The Future of Global Retail.
The future of digital marketing is bright. The global retail brand’s consumer has evolved with the advent of new technology and channels, and these channels demand a new type of marketer. With more marketing metrics and tactics than ever before, modern marketers must look at the current trends to prepare their strategies for the future…

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Perhaps you can even think of your own encounters of teachers, friends, or co-workers you felt had leadership material. I guarantee you the one thing they hand in common was charismatic communication.Related Articles
Lessons On Leading, Kindle Fire HD & $100 Amazon Gift Card GiveawayThe Greatest Leader in the World is Probably ObscureCommunication Tips for Business Leaders

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5 Things You Must Get From Any Coach You Hire

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5 Things You Must Get From Any Coach You HireI believe in the power of hiring business coaches. The practice is proven and pretty much a mainstream behavior for many in business today.
photo credit: DVIDSHUB via photopin cc
But, simply hiring a coach to help you work on some aspect of your business, career or life does not guarantee success or even progress…

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Social Media Marketing: Have you tested your website’s social links and buttons?Tweet
Through many tests, we have learned that it is critical to give people a reason to click. If we want visitors to contact us or add a product to the cart, we have to provide them with valuable information upfront. Positive and benefit-oriented calls-to-action, for example …

“Get your free trial”
“Secure checkout”

Tend to perform better than simple and command-oriented calls-to-action, for example …

“Click here ”

Almost all of the time…

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How to create like Apple’s Jonathan IveI’d like to share a simple idea with you, which will help you find answers to even your most frustrating challenges, whilst stimulating your creativity across the board.
The idea came from none other than Apple’s Chief of Industrial Design, Sir Jonathan Ive.

Apple’s Jony Ive and the importance of words
Sir Jony was on a UK children’s show a while ago, talking about design…

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We’ve teamed up with Google to make our award-winning AdWords Performance Grader even easier to use and the login process more secure than ever.The new authentication process, based on OAuth2, enables you to run the free AdWords Performance Grader by signing in with your Google profile – just be sure you use the profile associated with an active Google AdWords account…

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Sketching For Better Mobile Experiences

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Sketching For Better Mobile Experiences


Mobile user experience design is maturing. One way to gauge this is to look at the tools at our disposal. Prototyping tools such as Balsamiq, Axure and Fireworks enable us to build wireframes and click-dummies, helping us to explain the targeted user experience. Cross-browser frameworks such as PhoneGap, Zurb Foundation and jQuery Mobile help us to create prototypes using the native languages of the Web: HTML, CSS and JavaScript…

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What You Missed Today in Marketing: June 24, 2013Surprise! We’re switching things up today for these news-roundup posts. This week, we’re going to try sending you a little digest at the end of the day featuring some news you may have missed. No need to freak out — we’re just trying to find the format that works best for this roundup, so let us know what you think in the comments…

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YouTube Offers to Help Partners with Giant Ad Budgets Make More MoneyWhile presenting at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, YouTube announced that it’s going to selflessly help some of its partners produce more compelling (and more lucrative) content. The select few will be flown out to Los Angeles where they’ll spend a week working with production specialists who will help them create amazing, quality videos for YouTube…

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17 Examples of Lead Gen Forms Optimized for Conversion
Don’t keep your leads locked out with poorly optimized forms (Image source)
What Are Lead Gen Forms Optimized For?
Collecting leads & obtaining online conversions.
When you are pumping time and resources into designing your site, you should pay extra attention to the form – it’s a hot spot for turning visitors into leads for your business…

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What 5 Fake Ads Can Teach You About Great MarketingSometimes clients don’t buy great ideas. And sometimes creative people have great marketing ideas for brands they don’t work on. I have thought for years that the greatest marketing idea for Crayola would be to create their own series of coloring menus and crayons for kids, and sell them to restaurants on a monthly basis as a subscription…

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This Wednesday, June 26 at 1 PM EDT, our sister site, Digital Marketing Depot will host a webcast that will highlight strategies for effectively combining email and social media marketing. It’s been proven time and time again that it is cheaper for a company to keep a customer than bring on a….

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7 Ways Small Businesses Can Integrate SEO, Social Media & Content MarketingIn today’s age of ubiquitous connectivity, many small businesses have implemented a variety of online marketing efforts to attract new customers and increase overall sales. Unfortunately, results can vary significantly because tools are only as good as the expertise of the person using them.
The lure of the “next big thing” can create online marketing inefficiencies when small business owners try to be a marketing “jack of all trades and master to none”…

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