Misspelled Voice Searches, Headphone Hangers, and Battery Savers + MORE

Misspelled Voice Searches, Headphone Hangers, and Battery Savers + MORE

A Life without a Future

– onewithnow.com

A Life without a Future
Our relationship with time is one that continues to intrigue me (and probably you).
We divide time into past, present, and future. In reality the past was the present. And the future is what we think the next present is going to be.
We all know that the past is not what really happened, but what we remember about what happened—subjective, selective, and possibly inaccurate…

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Top 3 Apps for Tracking Your Personal Development GoalsWhen it comes to setting goals, having a way to keep track of your progress is always great motivation to keep working towards that ultimate end. You can certainly choose to do this the old fashioned way, with a pencil and a notebook or calendar, but these days many high-tech and alluring alternatives exist…

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8 Beliefs You Should Adopt To Be Successful in Your LifeYour beliefs are what make you the person you are today, and I mean that literally.Beliefs are what push you forward in life, they control the thoughts you have and the actions you take on a daily basis. If you believe that life is wonderful, then it will be wonderful and you’ll see a lot of evidence to prove that…

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Misspelled Voice Searches, Headphone Hangers, and Battery SaversReaders offer their best tips for using Google’s voice search, hanging headphones off your desk, and saving battery on your smartphone.Read more…    

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What Could You Accomplish in 100 Days?

– advancedlifeskills.com/blog/

What Could You Accomplish in 100 Days?
If you got very focused and extremely motivated, what amazing goal could you accomplish in 100 days? What if you put all your focus on one thing with so much value that achieving it would elevate the way you feel about your whole life. How empowering would that be?
Most of the time there are only two things that prevent us from reaching our most important goals…

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How to Cope With a Job Interview Rejection: Learning From MistakesJob hunting can be a grueling and demoralizing experience. The troubled job market worldwide has created an overabundance of qualified candidates, many competing for the same job. Hunting for a job not only means having the right qualifications, developing a sterling resume, a killer influence letter, and razor-sharp interview skills, but also having to outdo the other candidates — many of whom may be more qualified on paper than you…

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7 Ways To Win At Making First Impressions

We’ve all blown first impressions before and we’re still standing. That means they aren’t important, right?


First impressions often times set the stage for an entire relationship, or lack thereof, and if you can learn how to master them you’ll start seeing better results all across the board…

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Every Bold Act Counts: 17 Tips to Get Your Courage On
You might not think of yourself as a bold person but you are. I’ll bet you could reflect on your life and come up with numerous bold moments and actions. 
You don’t need to do epic things to be bold. You don’t have to live a life of grand adventure, travel around the world or learn 5 languages…

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Ten Tools For Creative Thinking

– theselfimprovementblog.com/

Ten Tools For Creative ThinkingCreative thinking is a skill we can learn and practice as we go through our daily routines. Every problem, stress, or conflict is an opportunity to experiment with a new approach or attitude. Here are some tips for tapping that internal resource:
1. Improv-It: Improvisation is the art of making things up on the spot, but making them up within the form of a game or specific instruction, such as “tell us about your day as if you are the world’s most depressing newscaster…

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My Philosophy On Setting Goals

– liveboldandbloom.com

My Philosophy On Setting GoalsI’ve not been much of a goal-setter in the past.
I’ve achieved things I wanted to achieve. And I’ve challenged myself to push a bit harder, to stretch myself, and (for the most part) to finish what I start.
But I’ve not been one to sit down at the beginning of the year and think,… Continue Reading…

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