The Difference Between a Businessman and a Super Businessman

The difference between a Businessman and a Super Businessman is the same as the difference between a snail and a rabbit. While businessmen are slow, super businessmen are fast.

A businessman is like a wantrepreneur, he has ideas in his head but he lacks the in-depth vision and often fails to execute them.

Whereas, a super businessman is like a true entrepreneur, he broadens his scope, researches and creates his own path of success without waiting in hope for customers and partnerships. A super businessman has more than just money on his mind; he strives to add the star of excellence to his coat. A businessman is satisfied with his everyday inflow of money note.

The population grows and so does the business market. And in this age of cutthroat competition, there is a need to clearly distinguish between a businessman and a super businessman.

Below you shall read the traits of a Super Businessman and a Businessman. And following these traits will define and distinguish you as either a super businessman or a businessman.

How to Be a Super Businessman

1. It is necessary to maintain rapport with everyone, especially businessmen with big bucks and great contacts. Maintaining quality contacts is one trait that helps a businessman in expanding his business working with people of great experience and success in the market. Honesty is necessary.

But you must maintain a balance between professional relations and friendly relations. Being an honest friend with monetary benefits is befitting for all parties. And if you learn how to win these contacts over, then there is nothing better for your business.

Simply put, if you lack people skills, then you cannot grow your business.

2. Discipline and dedication is needed, but with smarter thinking. When you start a business, you need to take care of all aspects of your business. You need to take care of the accounting department, your business’ marketing, you need to handle the design of your business, maintain the records of all contacts and customers and reply to their feedback.

You must learn the art of organizing your tasks and work according to a self made yet strict agenda. A super businessman always knows how to reduce his workload by automating most of his work and concentrating on the most important aspect of his work.

3. Opting the seemingly easy way to success will take you down a road that will lead to possible failure. There is no substitute to a rigorous work ethic. Without hard work, you cannot produce exceptional results and without exceptional results you cannot be termed as a super businessman.

4. You need to be passionate about your business; you need to love it like a child. You need to nourish it with the best that is for it. Then only will it grow to give you money that will be enough for you to travel to exotic destinations and plan an early retirement.

5. Knowing what you’re doing is important. That doesn’t mean that a normal businessman doesn’t know what he’s doing. What I mean to say is, in order to make your business a smacking success, you need to totally dig into everything that your business is made of and enhance it with knowledge and ingenious strategic thinking.

6. Know your competitors. Keeping track of your direct and even indirect competitors’ workings will help you topple them. It is possible because once you know how your competitor works, you can devise better plans that will garner more customers and broaden your market coverage.

7. Broadcast your company’s name. Sponsoring good businessmen is good for your business’ health in the long run.

Traits of a Businessman That You should Avoid:

Now that you’ve known how to become a super businessman, let us look at the traits of an average businessman.

1. An average businessman is one who has great ideas in his arsenal. But he lacks the skills to put these ideas into motion. A businessman spends a lot of time day dreaming and seeking an easy way to achieve his dreams while neglecting the tool that he needs to use – the trait of being proactive.

2. An average businessman works hard, very hard but his hard work is not properly channelized. He doesn’t work on a proper agenda and often lacks the simple tricks that will ease up his work.

3. And these tricks are the tricks of automation. Reliance on technology for less important tasks will give you space and time to concentrate on matters of greater importance.

4. An average businessman lacks great people skills. Often, his ways of marketing and making contacts lack confidence and suave. Improper approach makes his contacts discredit him and eventually distance themselves from his business.

I must say that a Super Businessman always maintains a balance between everything and works smartly by placing his goals very high. The way he works is lesser effort and greater automation. While a Businessman over toils without proper planning and ends up achieving far less than what he had thought of achieving.

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  1. Great article. What a way to differentiate. Teaches an important lesson that ideas are not everything. Correct execution will show results.

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