Guest Post: Break Out Those New Year Resolution’s

Welcome to March! It’s the beginning of the third month, and, if you’re like most people you’ve already gone off track on your New Year resolutions.

It’s ok. Let’s grab that list and see what we can salvage from it.

First, cut the number down by 90%. That means if you made ten resolutions, you will want to save one of them. Change is a process, not a moment of rebirth. If you started off with a small list, of two or three, then pick your top priority.

Now, chop that resolution into a three week plan. 21 days. That’s all you get.?

Here’s an example from my own failed list of resolutions: Look like Ryan Gosling.

Here is what I’m turning it into: Walk, run crawl or die trying for three miles four times a week.

My Change:
Week 1: Three miles, four times
Week 2: Three miles, four times
Week 3: Three miles, four times

That’s it. That’s what’s left of a bad resolution that I must have written down after two or three too many shots of happy sauce.

The next steps are the boring parts of changing that movies always turn into a montage. These steps don’t seem like they are part of the goal, but they are essential infrastructure for achievement, they are key to getting out in the rain for the next three weeks. Put your running shoes directly in front of the door. Make it hard to ignore them. Get on Google maps and plot out three routes that are around three miles. Make your lunches for the next week and put them in the fridge so you have some time ready for running.

Three weeks to transform from a person with a crappy resolution, to a person that has met their goal. Now that’s the kind of change we can sink our teeth into.

In review:
1) Break the resolution down to a three week plan of action
2) Examine what it will take to accomplish your plan
3) Make it hard to avoid doing what needs done
4) Reschedule time to allow for new activity

Remember, change is a process, not a rebirth. Now get moving!

About the author:
Baxter is the lead test pilot for unicorn space exploration, fights with the VCR samurai warriors, and believes strongly in the power of Kenny G. He is the lead writer at , where you can find more of his work helping people be the people they want to be.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Break Out Those New Year Resolution’s

  1. Good advice. It’s always important to constantly evaluate your goals to make sure that A) You are on target and B) It still serves your overall goal(bigger purpose) and 3) It’s achievable without making major changes.

    1. @ Shilpan – too often we set goals then never reassess where we are with them. Or if we achieve the goal, set another one!

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