Take a couple’s vacation this summer + MORE

Take a couple’s vacation this summer + MORE

A few months ago (on April 1st to be exact) I wrote a tongue in cheek post about how to get rich quickly and not very surprisingly it has been a hit with search traffic. It seems as if many people out there are looking for how to become rich and are ending up at Frugal Rules. I know, it’s not really that surprising as who out there would not like to wake up one day to find out that not only had they won the Powerball, but that it was also raining bags of twenties from the heavens? While I am not surprised one bit that there are many out there seeking how to become rich, it really does show me that many need a paradigm shift – meaning that it takes actual work (generally speaking) to build wealth and that the pursuit of becoming rich is fruitless unless you have the right motivation…

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Like my friend John over at Frugal Rules, I too had an eye-opening moment over on the 4th of July. Prior to our firework extravaganza,The post Perspective and The Need For an Emergency Fund appeared first on .

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There are many ways to get ahead financially. One of them is to buy things used and save the difference.

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How to Find Money for Surprise Expenses

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How to Find Money for Surprise ExpensesThe following post is a sponsored post:
Sometimes, we get hit with emergency expenses for child care, a car part needs to be replaced, we need to get a tooth pulled, or a relative asks for an emergency loan. For a variety of reasons, we can get nailed with an emergency expense at a bad time.
Here are a few tips from Allied Cash Advance to find money for life’s unexpected surprises:

Reschedule payments…

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We’re Debt FREE!!

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We’re Debt FREE!!
My wife and I are proud to say that as of last Sunday, we’re now debt free (besides the mortgage).  It took us about 2 years to pay off all of our student, car and miscellaneous loans in order to finish Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 2 (read about the whole program here).  Granted, we still have a mortgage, but I’m not so worried about that right now because we have equity in our house…

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What to do Before Your Car Breaks Down on a Road TripYep, that’s my car going on the tow truck!
One of the disadvantages of living in a rural area is that we are at least four hours from the nearest major airport. It is very expensive and time consuming to fly out locallly.  As a result, we tend to drive if the destination can be reached in 12 hours or less…

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Each year we track changes in the social security tax contribution limits. Last year the income limit was $110,100, up from $106,800 in 2011. For 2013, the amount of income subject to FICA tax increased again, this time to $113,700.
There was another big change for 2013. in 2011 and 2012, employees only paid social security tax at a rate of 4…

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Escaping debt can often seem impossible and unbearable. Living in a state in which you owe large amounts of money can bring about stress, depression and poverty. While there are many things that can be done to escape debt, there are also many things that should be avoided. Some of these things are often suggested …

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Are You A Yard Sale Flipper? Maybe You Should Be!Have you ever thought about being a yard sale flipper? I don’t think yard sale flipping is something that would have ever crossed my mind except for the fact that my friend’s parents ended up turning yard sale flipping into a full fledged business! Due to their awesome success, I thought I should share yard sale flipping with you!
What Is a Yard Sale Flipper?
A yard sale flipper is a person that takes advantage of price differences to make money…

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Take a couple’s vacation this summer
Good morning Dinks. Nick and I just got back from our week-long vacation in Niagara Falls and we had a blast. I am thankful that the weather cooperated with us and for the most part it was sunny and warm.  Nick and I haven’t been on vacation together in a while, other than our stay-cations that we spend at home, so it was nice to just get away from everything and take a break from our everyday routine…

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Crazy Inner City Parking Rates

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I was reading in the news last week that a Woolworths store in Sydney was going to charge customers $65 for parking if they stayed more than 1 hour (This is a grocery store people!). I though that was insane, but it gets worse! The rate went up to $95 for 2 hours and $125 The post Crazy Inner City Parking Rates appeared first on MPB Personal Finance .

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I am Guilty of Ignoring my Budget

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I would like to think that ignoring my budget was because I haven’t been in the writing mood since my move.  Instead, I know it has been me trying to ignore the fact that I won’t be living the same … Continue reading →The post I am Guilty of Ignoring my Budget appeared first on Financial Black Sheep…

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Retirement Planning: 3 Tips to Get StartedRetirement Planning: 3 Tips to Get Started
Club Thrifty – Stop spending. Start living.Even if you are not retiring in the near future, there’s no harm in creating a retirement a plan. Financial planners typically recommend that people start thinking about it as soon as humanly possible. Why?  Because of the magic of compound interest…

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