A sneak peek at Facebook’s redesigned page insights + MORE

A sneak peek at Facebook’s redesigned page insights + MORE

Today, the website creation market is dominated by a handful of veteran players, as companies like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace now own the majority of mindshare and boast tens of millions of users between them. While many smaller players ended up in the deadpool during the market’s land grab, one veteran startup has managed to survive — and bootstrap its way to profitability…

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Facebook’s Asia Pacific ad director joins SpotifyFacebook is growing in emerging Asian markets, but the company is now without the advertising director for its Asia Pacific division. AllThingsD and AllFacebook reported Tuesday that advertising director Sunita Kaur has left Facebook and joined Spotify in a similar role.
Kaur will become Spotify’s director for Asian markets and work from the Singapore office, a few months after popular music application launched in major Asian areas such as Hong Kong and Singapore…

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Customer Recommendations Are Influenced by Social Media Interactions [Study]
Social media adoption has skyrocketed over the past few years — in fact, 67 percent of Internet users are now on social networks — but not all brands are convinced that the medium is worth the extra time and effort. You might change your mind after seeing results from a new study conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)…

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Facebook platform roundup: Tigerlily, UnifiedUnified
Enterprise marketing technology company Unified has hired Roger Clark from Interclick as CFO. Clark assisted in the sale of Interclick to Yahoo! at $270 million. In addition to this key hire, Unified has also added a number of advisors spanning from Yahoo, Adweek, IBM and MTV. The company says that it has also gained a number of high-profile customers such as Toyota and Microsoft to its 400 enterprise customers and its agencies…

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7 best practices for increasing Facebook ad engagementWith clear objectives laid out and an understanding of your target audience, Facebook represents a vast and truly global advertising opportunity.
But getting the most out of your ad creative might require a little help.
Below are some creative best practices culled from our work with some of the world’s leading Facebook advertisers…

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Facebook app ecosystem shifts as King overtakes Zynga
As reported by sister site Inside Social Games, King (maker of Candy Crush Saga) has passed Zynga, long the top dog in the Facebook application market, in terms of monthly active users.
This move is the biggest symbol of the shift in Facebook’s gaming and app ecosystem. Since gaming became popular on Facebook in its early days, Zynga was the biggest app developer on the site, and by a wide margin…

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Google is retiring its Latitude location-sharing service on August 9thAs part of its announcement of the new-look Maps app for Android today, Google slipped in some other news. Latitude, the social location-sharing service that launched in February 2009, is to be retired on August 9th 2013. Its features will be split between the Google+ mobile app and the Android OS – but it appears that iOS users will no longer be able to maintain a location history with Google…

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How to Start a Business Podcast

– socialmediaexaminer.com

Do you want to create your own business podcast? Do you have the passion and drive to make it happen, but you’re just not sure where to start? Keep reading for 4 tips to set you down the path of podcasting success. Why Podcasting? Podcasting is a unique tool that allows you to deliver relevant, [….

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15 Ways to Reblog Your Way Into a Tumblr User's HeartFlamin’ Hot Cheetos and Tumblr have a lot in common.
You know how once you open a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, you can’t stop eating them and the red chip dust gets all over everything you own? Once you start scrolling the Tumblr Dashboard, you won’t be able to stop. Soon, the site will pervade into all parts of your life: what you find funny; what you question; and most importantly, what food you crave…

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How Social Media Influences Business, Generates Leads And Drives Sales [INFOGRAPHIC]Did you know that 27 percent of the total time spent online is now dedicated to social networking?
What if I told you that 84 percent of online shoppers use social media sites, that social media produces almost double the leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail and cost per click (CPC) marketing, or that social media lead conversion rates are 13 percent higher than the average?
New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media…

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Hitting the “Boost” Button is the Crack of Facebook MarketingHitting “boost post” is the easy button to drive tons of low cost engagement.
It is a cheap high with little value.
And I will show you why.
Here’s an example– this brand got 5,131 likes, 351 shares, and 94 comments.

But expand the comments to see what you really get…

How many of these folks are corporate marketers who are interested in the Marketing Cloud?
How many of them even know what the Marketing Cloud is?
Pictures of lions, kittens, and babies will drive engagement…

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A sneak peek at Facebook’s redesigned page insights
Last month, Facebook announced that it was giving its page insights product a renovation, making it simpler for page admins to figure out how their posts are performing. Social media expert Jon Loomer recently gained access to these insights and gave a detailed tour on his blog.
There is no date yet on when this will be rolled out on a wider scale…

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Zynga readies its real-money gambling apps for Facebook

– venturebeat.com/category/social/

Zynga is taking the wraps off its real-money gambling games today at an event in Barcelona, Spain.
The San Francisco company says that social gaming remains its heart and soul, but the gambling games are a logical extension for fans who want to bet real money and win it in social games. Zynga will launch the games in the United Kingdom, where real-money online gambling is legal…

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Wearing Glass ‘Gets Pretty Tiring Pretty Fast,’ Google UX Designer AdmitsPhoto: Cameron Scott
The Glass interface is still “interruption-driven” and difficult to use for extended periods of time, Michal Levin, a senior user experience designer at Google who recently joined the Glass project, said today in a mobile technology conference in San Francisco.
“It’s not a device that you can use for a long time, it gets pretty tiring pretty fast,” she said…

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