Seize the Day, Live Your Life

Seize the Day, Live Your Life

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As Mark Twain said, twenty years from now, you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.

You think you have your whole life planed? What is it? Working till you are 50, earning enough so that you can have great retirement afterwards?
You sing great? But you don’t go forward on the stage, because you are under-confident and really care about whether people are going to like your voice or not?
In this fast paced world, we are so occupied by technology and speed that we tend to miss out on the simple joys of life. We are so busy fitting into everybody else’s definition of perfection that we are forgetting to be ourselves. We are so occupied being nervous, that we tend to overlook our talents. We are so involved in planning our futures that we don’t realize how we are wasting the actual ‘days of our lives’.

We need to stop. Take a break. Explore the beauty of nature. Dream. Be happy.
We need to stop complicating our lives. Sometimes all you need to do is lie back on the grass and watch the night sky full of stars.
We need to let go the bricks of painful past which slow down our journey of life. Instead collect hope and take along with us happy peaceful memories.
We need to shed our nervousness and anxiety; we need to believe in ourselves, we need to realize that we are here to be ourselves. No level of shame or embarrassment should interrupt with our confidence and self belief.

We all come into this world for a purpose. Most of us never realize our purpose. But that should not stop us from realizing our passion, because passion is the sole purpose of life. Passion leads us to our destiny.

Don’t be ashamed to be the real you. We always manage to exist behind our masks of perfection. But our flaws make us extraordinary, our flaws define us. The happiest people are those who decide to live life on their own terms, who decide to face the world the way they are, who decide to be free and not uptight.

Sometimes, life in and of itself can be overwhelming, and you may need a safe space to develop your own freedom and confidence. One great way is through counseling through

‘Either you run the day, or the day runs you.’

The world is running, but just take a moment to enjoy your internal peace amongst the chaos. Live your life to the fullest. Help a stranger. Cook. Read a book. Smile. Listen to your favorite band. Live. Don’t exist.
Break the routine, do different things.

Create memories.