Stop Being Dragged Down by Negative People

Stop Being Dragged Down by Negative People

stob being influencing by negative people

We all are so much into gossiping, criticizing, passing judgments, trying to tear down people and make them feel low, that we are forgetting how negative the world around us is becoming. The truth is that we’re all trapped in a toxic environment.
A negative friend is like climbing up a mountain when someone is pulling you down constantly. You either leave that person there or drag them along with you.
Stop being negative and stop getting influenced by such people.

Sometimes people, who appear to be cranky and irritable, have a back story. Low self-esteem, childhood mishappenings, or the loss of a close someone. Sometimes instead of cutting them out completely, we need to patiently deal with their internal pain. Instead of drowning into their sadness and negativity, we need to get them out of their pool of tears and break down the wall they’ve built around themselves.

At times it also become necessary for us to let the person know the truth about his/her behavior. When you tell the person that you can’t talk to them, unless they change themselves, he/she is actually forced to consider your point.
There are times when both these things do not work out. In such cases you should maintain distance from the negative crowd. I’m not suggesting you to completely break ties with them. Instead try to focus on their positive traits. If you can’t change the person then change the way you perceive that individual. We wise and learn to be resilient to negativity.

It is also necessary for you to build up a strong emotional immune system. Learn manage your anger sharks. Share your fears with your loved ones. Realize and release your negative emotions.

People would always try to pull you down, try to drain out your positive energy, but the moment you give in, you become one of them. Negativity is easily adopted by our minds.  The essence of your soul lays your optimism and strength. How you manage to stay firm to the ground even during a storm is the real challenge.