SavingStar App Review- Earn a Minimum of $20 Per Month

Do you wish to earn $20-$40 per month in return for buying the day-to-day items you already purchase?

It is not uncommon for supermarkets like Target and Walmart to offer massive discounts on the products that people purchase frequently. However, not all products are sold at a discounted price. Some items like ice cream, cereal, granola bars, protein shake, yogurt, etc are always available at their retail price. This is where SavingStar comes into the picture. SavingStar offers a massive discount on high-grade and expensive products.

About the Creator of SavingStar

SavingStar is a Waltham, Massachusetts-based fintech firm founded in 2010 by David Rochon, and Michael Libenson. This app gives a shopper options to shop at more than 58,000 supermarkets and 800 online grocery stores. The idea behind this app was to help shoppers earn rewards in the form of cash for being a loyal and true customer.

How Does the SavingStar App Work?

The procedure to claim your discount with SavingStar is not that easy. But with the time you will get acquainted with it. Firstly, you have to download the SavingStart app from the relevant marketplace. Then create a free account by providing your basic information like name, location, email address, and phone number.

saving star

Once you are done with the setup, you now are free to browse through several discount coupons offered by the app. Simply tap open the app and on the home screen itself, you will see some amazing discount coupons.

Every coupon has an orange plus sign below it, tap on the plus sign if you wish to purchase the item. Once, you done selecting all the items, go to the main menu and select the third option labeled Stores.

You will see a list of stores where you can collect all your selected items. Choose your favorite megastore or simply pick the one closest to your home. Next, to redeem your offer, you need to go to the store, collect all the products. Then, tap open your app and go to the Receipts section. Here you will get an option to scan the product barcodes. Scan all the items and proceed to checkout. 

What I Like About SavingStar App

The best offers on SavingStar App are always posted on the home screen. Unlike in other couponing apps, with SavingStar, I don’t have dig into the app looking for the coupons with the highest discount. This is also one of the biggest reasons why this app is so popular.

What I Don’t Like About SavingStar App

During my visit to the store, I still have to pay the full price for the discounted products. SavingStar sends me the money a week later after verification of the product barcodes. The process is a bit cumbersome for someone not used to couponing.

My Recommendation

I recommend this app to men and women who wish to save some money for purchasing the items that they already do at a full price. You get to save a minimum of $20 each month. Plus, the process of payment is also quite transparent.


SavingStar is available for free. You can download the Android app by clicking here and the iOS version by clicking here.