6 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Productivity

6 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Productivity

Most people fail to get good at something as they focus on too many things. It’s true that learning several skills can help you keep your mind flexible and sharp but that is only if the skills are interrelated. For instance, someone learning how to build a website can benefit from putting their time in understanding how to rank a website on Google search results or market it via social media sites. To learn about how to get great results at work and in personal life, it is imperative to follow the ones who have mastered productivity.

Here Are the 6 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Productivity

1) Seth Godin– @ThisIsSethsBlog

Seth Godin came to limelight in the year 2002 with his revolutionary book “The Purple Cow”. He was the first one to advocate self-acceptance and self-reliance in the world of marketing. On his Twitter page, Seth retweets his popular blog posts on marketing and sales. If you are interested in receiving all the updates, simply follow his Twitter account.

2) Jill E Duffy– @jilleduffy

Jill E Duffy is a writer and editor at PCmag and DailyDot. Primarily, she writes on tech and productivity-related topics. She is based in Bucharest, Romania. You can follow her Twitter page if you are interested in learning about the latest research on productivity and time management. You will also receive regular alerts on scam products and fake productivity gurus claiming to increase your productivity by tenfold.

3) Ryan Holiday– @RyanHoliday

Ryan Holiday is the author of bestselling books Ego is the Enemy and The Obstacle Is The Way. Recently, he released a new book called “Stillness is the Key” which talks about the importance of mindfulness and being present to the moment. Ryan is also a big advocate of the stoic philosophy. His books have a flavor of teachings from Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Cicero, and Heraclitus.

4) Charles Duhigg– @cduhigg

charles duhigg

Charles Duhigg is a former reporter at the New York Times and a Pulitzer-prize winner. After researching the subject of “habit formation in humans”, he published a bestselling book called “The Power of Habit”. His Twitter page is for those who admire his work and wish to know more about his opinions, thoughts and, inner beliefs. Recently, he is been sharing intriguing truths about coronavirus.

5) Tim Ferriss– @tferriss

Tim Ferriss is a successful author, investor, venture capitalist, and a podcast host. He rose to popularity with his revolutionary book “The 4-Hour Work Week”. Later, he published several books with a similar theme. Tim shocked the world of martial arts by winning the gold medal at the Chinese Kickboxing National Championships. On his Twitter account, Tim shares minutia details about his interesting life. He has also expressed his thoughts on recent coronavirus pandemic.

6) Tony Robbins– @TonyRobbins

This list would be incomplete without mentioning Tony Robbins. Tony has been a part of the self-help industry since a very young age. He was a prodigy or an understudy to Jim Rohn. As Tony grew older, he came up with investive and ey-opening ways to become more productive and successful in life. You should follow his Twitter page if you resonate with his philosophy.


These are the best Twitter accounts you can follow to learn how productivity. Bear in mind that I am sharing this information because it helped me in my personal life. I am not promoting any of the above-mentioned productivity gurus.