Running a Business the Green Way & Saving Money

Today we have Uma Grainger as our guest blogger. She is a budding entrepreneur running a home based business into e-commerce related projects. Her dedicated team of five has always been supportive during the hectic schedules and has been discovering a million and ten ways to saving money the Green Way. Saving money while helping the environment to be green and eco-friendly is a great initiative, and this is what she has been excelling in, for quite a while now. Here are a few tips provided by Uma which can enable one to save money in a green manner:

Paying attention to the décor elements and the construction design of the office rooms is the first step. To begin with, opting for floor mats instead of expensive carpeting or usage of chemical veneers is an excellent method for saving the floors from any kinds of scratches, maintenance costs, and keeping the surroundings clean. A random dusting on a regular basis with a vacuum cleaner helps you improve the quality of internal air flow.

Coming to the business workstations, ensure that you turn off the monitors and screens when not in use, whether it is a laptop, personal computers, or a television. As a matter of fact, it helps you a lot in saving money if you even close the unnecessary applications running in a computer. Keep the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi connective devices turned off, unless they are in use.

Most of us who use laptops tend to keep the monitors in ON mode all day long, without giving it a second thought. But switching off the laptop when you are connected to a desktop at a business can help save a lot on the battery life of the laptop and also save the nature from the ill effects of Lithium fumes in the longer run.

“E” is the buzz word for today’s business world. If you are thinking about saving money the smart ways, adopt to the “E” style. Call it e-fax, e-conference, e-commute or e-mail instead of the traditional fax machines, real time conferences – saves a lot of power and energy requirements, provides quicker communication and networking access, while saving tons of paperwork, too. What can be a better way to cut down on paper wastage?

Some call it a way to exercise by working out their feet; while some call it a way to cut down the costs incurred and saving money. It is the printer that is put miles away from the workstation. This not only helps the business in saving money on the maintenance costs and cost of refilling cartridges, but there is also lot of savings in terms of the paper and power consumption.

Before leaving the workplace, recite the mantra – “Lights Out & Shut Down”. You will be surprised at how much power you would be saving by switching off all the lights and shutting down all the appliances. Leaving the coffee vending machine or the shredder on would serve no purpose while the office is closed for the day, and hence turning them off is a much better solution. Also, disconnecting (if possible) the main power cord also helps in saving power – some devices consume power even if they are shut down while still connected to the main line.

Being open to friendly advice and newer initiatives by employees can also be helpful. Google more Business Saving Money Tips – The Greener Way!