Get Rewards and Savings with Beezag when you Watch Videos

There are very kinds of videos available today. Many people love watching music videos and other kinds of videos over the internet. Beezag is a video site that allows members to login and enjoy various videos. Getting your favorite product is very easy with this site. Moreover you will also get awesome Beezag rewards that include very good deals and discounts that will help you save a lot of money.

How It Works

  • For you to start enjoying the services of this online video site the first you do after getting inside the website is to sign up. Signing up is a simple process that requires you to enter certain personal details including names, email address, your password, and gender, date of birth and contact details. If you agree to the terms and conditions of the site, you will have signed up for a account.
  • After signing up you become a member of Beezag. Once you login with your account and password you will get very short video clips, usually 1 minute or less. As the video plays there are numbers that will appear. At the end of the video you are required to input the numbers you saw. If you enter the correct numbers you are awarded points. These points are worth a certain amount of money.
  • Typically when you have 1000 points, it is the equivalent of $1. However you will only be able to cash in on your points once they are worth a minimum of $8.
  • Also, for each and every video that you watch, Beezag offers u a special discount, if you desire to purchase something from their website.

Another of the Beezag rewards involves use of Beezag coupons and coupon codes. Coupons and coupon codes have nowadays become a very popular way of issuing discounts, offers and rewards to customers. The coupons and coupon codes offered in this website vary. You can get coupon codes for simply joining the website. When you watch different videos on the site you also are liable to get various coupons codes with very interesting offers and rewards. More interesting is the fact that you can sign up to receive regular updates on the most recent coupons available.

If you are interested in getting Beezag rewards you can also consider joining the website on their dedicated group on the social networking site Facebook. . There is another very interesting aspect of this video website and this relates to corporate social responsibility. Beezag rewards are not directed to members of the site only. The site goes a step further and takes time and resources to cater for the underprivileged in the society, for example by giving rewards and contributing to charities.