Keeping Your Swagger as CEO

Keeping Your Swagger as CEO

In a startup, confidence plays a very significant part.

As a CEO, you need to work on the principle that you can achieve anything even if your competitors are in strong position.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, stress sets in and lots of CEOs feel the brunt of it.

In this scenario, you need to focus on your strong points and you can easily reclaim your swagger.

Things get tricky when you have doubts regarding your vision. Until and unless, you have full faith in your vision, you are not going to be successful.


Working as a CEO, you need to have confidence in your abilities. Investors these days do not want to invest in companies that do not possess confident leaders.

Confidence and success goes hand in hand. Your confidence level is going to go up when you taste success in your policy decision. So when everything is going smoothly, you will find that you have no problem in terms of confidence. But once things get tricky, confidence is the first one to vanish.

And that is where, you need to work doubly hard and ensure that things do not go away quickly because once confidence goes away, it is going to take plenty of time and effort on your part to get it back.

Get Out of Your Workplace

This strategy is going to work all the time. You need to give your mind something new. Rather than going to your office and getting involved in the numbers game or dealing with your employees giving directions, try to do something new.

Following this route is not easy especially when your company is feeling the heat but there is no other way that can recharge your battery and most importantly get rid of the uncertain environment that is currently prevailing in your workplace.

Being a leader in your company, you need to be positive in your approach even if there is negativity all around. By getting out of your workplace for three or four days, you are going to come back stronger.

Focus on Your Strengths

In tough situations, it is advisable that you focus on your strengths rather than trying out something new.

Some CEOs try to emulate the strategies that are being followed by their competitors. Although, it can work in some cases but most of the time it is going to be a failure because your company is different from the company of the competitor and therefore it may require different sort of action.

To get out of the tough situation, conduct things that you are comfortable with. When you try something new, you cannot say with full conviction how it is going to have an impact on your organization. There is a possibility that things may get even worse.

So, stick to the basics and tried and tested methods.

Taking Advice of Your Employees

Taking advice of your employees is not a bad idea when the situation demands collective team effort. But when it gets overboard, it can have a negative impact on your overall decision making.

As a CEO, you need to take your own decision rather than acting on others feedback. When you take your own decision, you can implement things in a much better manner, as you know fully well what you need to do if Plan A does not click. You have Plan B, Plan C and so on.

By taking decision on your own, you are also going to gain respect from staff members. To attain success as a CEO, this is important. if your staff members do not respect you, how they are going to follow your directions.