Divorce without Debt: Dealing with the cost of Divorce

The stress and heartbreak of divorce is well documented across the web; countless blogs devoted to bitter ex-spouses and devastated couples going through the trauma of a broken marriage. Less well documented are the expenses and debt that can accumulate through divorce – even if a marriage is ending on relatively good terms, the cost of getting divorced is still high.

It’s always helpful to know what to expect when going through divorce, from the processes involved to the solicitor’s fees and court costs needed. Each case is different, and depending on individual circumstances a divorce can be obtained quickly with minimal costs; for those with more complex issues or a less than amicable split, costs can quickly spiral out of control and warring partners can drag discussions on for months. Whilst it’s difficult to predict what will happen in your case, below is a general guide to what usually happens during a divorce:

(Pannone LLP)

Whilst it’s not always easy to budget for such an unpredictable event, we’ve included this helpful, if somewhat ominously titled, Divorce Calculator to give an idea of what the costs of ending your marriage might be.

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Life has its own way of putting pressure on our finances – whilst some can be easy to prepare for, others put serious strain on our bank balances. Being prepared and knowing as much as you can in advance will ready you for tough times ahead and help you to avoid any nasty surprises.