How to Give Great Presentations at Work

How to Give Great Presentations at Work

Whether work for a large corporation or a startup, you will one day have to express your ideas, concepts, and views to a group of people. What better way than delivering a great presentation–the old-school way. Presentations allow you to use tools like audio, video, slides, and most importantly a stage to deliver your message concisely. But how do you hone this skill? Does it come naturally?

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Here Are a Few Tips to Help You Deliver a Great Presentation at Work

1) Watch TED Talks 

Up until 2015, I thought TED talks were just meant for people who like to listen to boring and unintelligent business discussions. In 2015, I came across a video by a Croatian traveler Tomislav Perko. This video was a lot different than other TED talks and it literally started a trend in the industry. Watch this video and notice how engaging, interesting and mind-opening the content is.

2) Become Aware of Your Rambling Habit

Not everyone rambles. But when shoved onto a stage with 10-20 people staring at you, like most people, you too will try to fight the pressure and stress by saying some not-so-intelligent things. A person rambles when they are disconnected from the people in the room and are trapped inside their heads. Plus, no one likes to listen to someone talk endlessly.

3) Tell Compelling Stories

Are you a natural storyteller? Do people get attracted to you when you speak? If not, you can learn the right way to tell a story. And learning this skill is easier than you think. Just listen to comedian Joey Diaz talk. Moreover, presenting the information to a group of people–in the form of stories–can also be beneficial in situations where you need then to buy something from you.

4) Avoid “Excessive Use of Digital Technology”

Always remember that a PowerPoint Projector, audio system, a monitor, a microphone, etc are tools that are meant to make you more efficient. They also make you look good in front of a group of people. Hence, make sure they don’t replace you. Do not use too many accessories and gadgets. Doing so will get the audience interested in them and not you. I hope you get the point.

5) Make Sure the Beginning and End of the Presentation Is Powerful

Not everyone is going to be interested in the nitty-gritty details of your presentation. So, when you grab attention in the beginning, make sure the crux of the matter is delivered right there and then. Also, reiterate the key points at the end.

6) Make Sure You Are Making the Appropriate Amount of Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of those things that if done in excess can make you appear weird and if done in less than sufficient can disconnect you from the audience. The rule of thumb should be to pay equal attention to every corner of the room. Address and acknowledge each and every person in the room. Most people like it when the speaker gives them attention. 


These are the key points you need to keep in mind before preparing for a presentation at work. It would help greatly if you can practice a few sections of the presentation at home, in front of a mirror. Or better, use your phone camera.