Don’t Throw Away Your Old Armchair, Here’s Why

Don’t Throw Away Your Old Armchair, Here’s Why

Armchairs are expensive if you are looking for one that combines style and comfort. There’s no point in throwing one away when you can refurbish it to turn it into a new one. Upholstery is not easy for a beginner, but with some patience, you can learn to do it, but I would suggest getting a professional to do the job.

Not only your own old armchair, but you can also get one from a flea-market and transform your flea-market find with paint and fun new upholstery. Giving life to an old piece brings more character to the piece and becomes a conversational piece, as well.

To save money, you can work on the wood yourself, and once you have given new life to the frame, you can take it to the professional for the upholstery job. 

  • Start by cleaning out the wood. Make sure to clean all the stains, dust, and marks away.
  • Sand it for a more thorough cleaning as well as to prepare it for staining or a paint job.
  • Depending on the look you are going for, you can either stain the wood to match the vibe, or you can paint it.
  • If you want to change the shape of the legs, shorten them or carve them, make sure to use some good quality woodwork tools and wear-safety tools.

Once, the wood is all done. Decide what kind of upholstery you want to go with. It can be anything from graphic design, colorful patterns, or chich vibe. You can choose to go monotone or bring in the rainbow.

Just let your upholstery needs be known to the professional, and they will have it ready for you. Once you get your chair dressed up and ready to accessorize, do just that, accessorize! You can add colorful extras or glam; pillows are the best way to bring in more colors, patterns, and vibes.

Final Thoughts

Upcycling is a great way to save some money and also to add some character to your existing furniture. You also get to change the interior decoration of your house without having to spend a lot of money. To get a rich look, do the basic or general things yourself, and get the specifics done from the professional, and your piece will end up looking like a million bucks.