How to Get the Best out of the Dollar Stores

In 2020, there are several dollar stores in the United States. Typically these stores have a wide variety of items which they sell for a dollar or less than that. In some countries, this type of store is also known as a variety store. What makes shopping at a dollar store interesting is if you know the right way to shop in here, you could save plenty of money each month.

According to stat by Statista, in 2018, there were a total of 31,620 dollar stores throughout the United States. A thousand more than what it was a year ago. So, there are plenty of stores and you don’t have to worry about traveling far away from your home to find one. I am sure there is a dollar store, within just a few blocks from your home. If there isn’t, then maybe you could try the below-mentioned tricks the next time you visit another city.

How to Get the Best out of Dollar Stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General?

1) Fish For Information on Logistics

There is no point in being a dollar store customer of you are the last one to get to store and there is no stock left for you to take home for cheap. If the items you desire to buy are in demand, there is a possibility that the dollar store orders it every week. Talk to a staff member and find out on what day the delivery vehicles arrive at the store. 

2) Look for Opportunities Online

If you live in a remote location and don’t have access to a dollar tree store, it would be wise to do the shopping online. Stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General have their online stores. The shipping charges are also quite minimal. Just don’t forget to order in bulk. 

3) Make use of Manufacturer Coupons

For each item you purchase from a dollar store like Dollar Tree, you can use a Manufacturer Coupon to get an additional discount. In short, you can get the item even cheaper than a dollar. Dollar tree accepts one Manufacturer Coupon per item. In their terms and conditions (as mentioned on the website), they have made it clear that they do not accept more than 4 coupons a day.

4) Make the Best of the Holidays

Every holiday season, the dollar stores attempt to lure new customers by bringing fresh stock of items that you normally won’t find there. This is the time when you can purchase items worth a lot more than $1 for cheap. From exercise equipment to children’s toys, dollar stores order fresh stock about a month before the holiday season.

5) Have Lunch for Less Than a Dollar


You will be surprised to learn that–like 7Eleven–some dollar stores too have ready-to-eat lunch trays in the store. You can go for anything from a chicken salad to pasta macaroni. Some ready-to-eat meals are available in trays, others you can get them microwaved for free.


These are tips and tricks I have discerned by shopping in dollar stores. I hope they help you get a headstart for your next shopping spree.