How to Find Unclaimed Assets and Make Money from Them?

Want to make big chunk of money without having to do data entry or any other tiresome job? The process is simple. It only requires you to utilize available resources to find unclaimed assets or money lying in your name in federal agencies in your state.

According to the facts and figures related to unclaimed assets and properties in the United States, 7 citizens out of every 10 have some or the other type of unclaimed asset in their name, in different states. These unclaimed assets are in the form of bank accounts that are inactive, insurance policies, houses, tax refunds etc.

The funds scattered around with federal agencies is currently a need of the public. Besides that, the agencies have a tough time managing funds that are unclaimed for a long time i.e. 3-4 years. The situation is alarming. Pile of untaken funds in increasing day after day. And migration from one state to another has an important role to play in this.

Anyway, there are ways you’ll have to follow to put your hands on any unclaimed assets, in any state in America.

Make a List of States You’ve Resided

The first thing to do – make a list of places you resided. Pen down the addresses and other details related to it. Also note down all family members stayed with you at different locations. Make a note of their names and their date of births. Ensure that you have their first and last name.

Visit Officially Endorsed Websites

You can find information about unclaimed funds without moving an inch out of your house. Yes, that’s through the Internet. You’ll have to visit officially endorsed websites run by the government and federal agencies. They have all the data required to help you out. And on request, they thoroughly search for information about your family’s missing, lost, and unclaimed money and assets in participating states.

These websites are updated regularly and the latest information for state and provincial offices. Above all, they provide a free service.

Multiple State Run Database Websites

Rather than trying your luck on single state run database website, why not give multiple state run database website? One site that caters to the queries related to not one but many states.

To be precise, you can search unclaimed property in more than one state at a time. Such sites have database records of the following;

• Bank accounts and safe accounts.
• Stock investments, bonds, mutual funds, dividends, and debentures.
• Insurance policies, trust funds, and CD’s
• Utility deposits and escrow accounts.

Get in Touch with Federal Agencies Directly

If an online search doesn’t yield any positive results, it’s better to get in touch with federal agencies than to give up hope. They have the latest database and are more than willing to help people get their rightful assets back. So, just find the contact of local federal agencies in your state and get in touch with them.

After your attempts have positive results, you’ll then have to follow the procedures to get what is rightfully yours. You’ll have to gather documents to make the claim and prove that you’re the rightful owner. And if you’re claiming it on behalf of a deceased person, then documents that prove the relationship with the deceased to the authority are much required.

Subsequent to submission of the documents, the federal agencies follow a certain procedure before releasing the assets of property you deserve. That’s it. All is yours after procedure is completed.

How Do You Use your Assets After Being Claimed?

Good that you’ve been able to find unclaimed property in your name. But, how is that you’re going to use it? There has to be an effective way to utilize the funds claimed after so much troubles, right?

Therefore, plan well before in advance about how to spend the money or use the property, consult financial experts, and banks. They’ll be able to advise you rightly.

In case, there are any debts to be paid, pay them off. After all, it will only ease the burden of you and help you lead a peaceful life in a best possible way. What are you waiting for then? Start your search and make money from the unclaimed assets. Period!