How to Excel at Your Job and Grow Sooner Than Your Peers

Are you worried because you’ve not got the promotion you wanted? Does your manager always tap on your peer’s back when he does something and not on yours? Well, there are many like you.

The problem does not lie in the work you do or your ability to excel, the problem lies in the way you leverage your skills and grow in a team environment.

Learning the best ways to outperform your colleagues to become the darling of your manager and ultimately excelling at your life long company.

Be Curious

The proverb curiosity killed the cat doesn’t apply at your workplace. Rather, when you’re curious about working at your company, helping the team, then it has got great benefits. With curiosity to perform, you can work harder, learn quicker and be more productive.

It is often said that – “nothing great has ever been achieved without curiosity.” So always be willing to try, experiment new things and focus on enhancing whatever you work on. Ask questions such as:

• What if the existing process can be implemented in another way?
• How do I get more efficient in performing my tasks?
• What can I learn from my peers, manager?

Within just few days, you’ll find yourself remarkably better and beating your competition becomes extremely easy.

Take Initiatives

Nobody, absolutely nobody, impresses managers more than someone who takes initiatives at work place. When you take an initiative, it simply means, you love the company and you want it to grow.

It also means, you’re willing to go an extra mile and help your friends from taking excess workload. Great employees always consider an additional responsibility as an opportunity to prove their mettle.

An initiative can be anything; it can be something as small as making a note of team’s productivity count and sending it to the manager every day. It can also be something big such as willing to create a better workflow for the team.

The key here is to realize that your initiatives should fall within your work-frame. Creating daily reports is way better than trying to drop your manager home.

Genuinely Help Your Peers

“You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Go-to people have more chances of getting promotions than those who always seek others help. Period. Work hard on enhancing your process knowledge and genuinely assist your colleagues in their queries.

The aim here is to become to ‘go-to’ person of the team. Your managers should look up to you for help when needs assistance and juniors should turn towards you for help. When you successfully manage to strike that image at your workplace, everybody would consider you as an ideal choice for the next level.

Meet and Exceed Your Goals

One of the most – rather the most important thing – you need to know is, meeting and exceeding your goals is the least thing your company expects from you. Be aware of your targets and work really hard to reach your targets. If you can reach those targets, nothing better!

Here’s how you can improve your work:

• Focus on learning – the more you learn, the better results you can drive.

• Create small systems for yourselves. In order to speed-up your tasks, create small systems that can happen on their own even in your absence.

• If there is a super performer, go and sit beside him for an hour or two when he works. This will allow you to grasp his way of working, so that you can implement the same when you work.
Be Friendly with Your Managers

It is not performance that promotes you, it is your seniors. Of course they consider your performance track record but when you have a great personal rapport with them, your chances of getting promoted improves drastically.

Always be a great listener when your managers advise you something. Implement it, and show to him that you care for his suggestions.

The above are some of the most helpful ways to excel in your career. Remember, there are no shortcuts to reaching top but with right steps and moves you can decrease that time drastically.