How To Deal With Your Insurance Company: A How To Guide

How To Deal With Your Insurance Company: A How To Guide

Dealing with an insurance company can be difficult and it’s important to be aware of what you are entitled to, in order to ensure that you are both getting what you deserve and also are not being treated in a way that will adversely affect your future insurance. For this guide, we are going to take a look at this through the lens of if we were making a motoring accident claim or indeed have to claim from the other parties insurer.


Make Sure You Have The Facts Right

Having a clear and accurate record of what went on is key and it’s important to have this as soon as possible after the incident while your memory of events has not faded. Be sure to collect any evidence, take pictures of the damage and get contact details of any witnesses. It’s important to make sure that you are not made to look at fault as being labeled an unsafe driver can really affect your future premium prices so it’s best to ensure you don’t get stuck claiming from your own insurer when you are not at fault.

Be Aware Of What Is Included In Your Policy

If you are claiming on your own policy then be sure to be aware of all the things you are due when things are being sorted. One important thing is the courtesy car while the vehicle is in for repair, firstly make sure they provide you with one, but also one trick that an insurer often tries to pull is giving you a much less suitable vehicle than the one they are replacing. Also, be sure that you don’t accept an offer to settle the claim early by paying out cash following the initial quote on repairs as you could be stuck with a larger bill if any additional issues are found, insist they pay the bill in full, post-repair and that they use all official manufacturer parts.

Get An Adjuster On Your Side

If you are struggling to get any of this sorted then you may want to get the professionals in, a public adjuster will take care of all negotiating for you, a good firm like Public Adjuster South Jersey can take all the stress and hassle out of the process.

Check If There Are Alternatives To Claiming

Sometimes for smaller incidents it may be preferable to sort the issue out without involving the insurance companies. If you can sort out the cost of minor repairs or scuffs between you and the other party then it can save everyone’s no claims bonus, as even if you are not at fault then it can raise your premium costs.

Be Sure To Claim For Expenses

Finally, be sure that everything has been claimed for, the insurer won’t make sure this has been done to keep costs down. But it may be that medical expenses and lost time at work can be covered under an insurance claim, also legal expenses, if necessary.