7 Tips to Become a Smart Investor

7 Tips to Become a Smart Investor

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Being smart investors comes with tones of benefits. When you know how to invest smartly, you are able to take better investing decisions and even recognize any kind of fraud related warning signs. Now even if you are new to this, by following a few approaches, you too can become a smart investor.

So here are a few strategies that you should try so that you can too become a smart investor!

  • Check the registration

Make sure that the person or the business that you are going to deal with is registered with the security regulators. Take your time to know about the products and services that they are allowed to provide through their registration status. This help you remain protected against any kind of fraud.

  • Make a proper plan

Having a plan is essential it will help in achieving both short and long term financial goals.  These may include saving up for higher education, child education, buying a new home, marriage, retirement etc.  Planning ensure that you are going to maintain a financial discipline which will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

  • Analyze the impact of the fees on your investment returns

In any case whether you are planning to buy, hold or sell the investments, you will need to pay some fees for that for example- the ETF fees, mutual fund fees, RRIF fees or the RRSP fees. Now since these fees may vary from product to product you need to assess the impact of it on your investments. You can use online calculators for this.

  • Take calculated risks while investing

When it comes to investing, risks are always associated with it as you may lose all of your money. Now that higher risks come with higher potential returns and lower risks with lower returns, you need to understand which one ill suits you more. Don’t go over the top and take risks that may cause you a lot of financial damage. Instead take calculated risks.

  • Understand the value of compound interest

By reinvesting the interest that you have earned, you can grow your money faster. So basically compounding means to invest the money that has been earned along with the money that was initially invested by you.

  • Do not underestimate the advantages of diversification

Diversification helps a lot in when it comes to reducing risks. When you are investing try to have a mix of different investments.  This will help you in protecting your portfolio form losing its value and also minimize risks.

  • Keep yourself protected from frauds and scams

Before making an investment you need to be fully prepared to recognize any kind of fraud or scams coming your way ahead of time so that you can save yourself form financial damage. Take time and research a lot. Ask whatever questions that comes to your mind regarding the investments. And once you feel satisfied only then go ahead and make an investment.


Thus by adopting the above strategies you can actually become a smart investor and take good financial decisions in the long run thus being able to achieve both your short and long term goals.