How Does Someone Turn $1 into $100 or Much More?

How Does Someone Turn $1 into $100 or Much More?

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There are many ways to turn $1 in to $100 but it sometimes requires specialist skills and a lot of time. No one can magically turn $1 in to $100. As $1 is not a big capital to start up we need to think creatively that what can be the ways that can turn just single dollar to hundreds and even thousands with the passage of time. Here are some of the tricks and creative ways to turn your $1 to $100.

  •  Using penny stocks you can easily invest $1 and turn in to $100 within a day.

It requires account and luck to get your reward. Penny stocks are the stocks with very small amount of money usually a few cents that you can trade. Sometimes the stocks are enormously unstable but others may stay for a year under a cent. In case you have chosen stock of about 1 cent and it increased to 5 cent it means that you have got $5. That earned $5 dollars can be reinvested into other penny stocks with the increased value of up to 20 times the original value and you will have your $100. Although bit tricky but a fastest way to multiply your dollars.

  • Another way to increase your $1 to $100 is to work on the gas station to clean the windows of cars.

 As you have $1 in your pocket, go and buy a bottle of a window cleaner and walk to the nearest gas station. With the Cleaner get some paper towels that are provided free of charge to customers for wiping windows. Ask the different customers coming to the gas station for filling tanks especially customers with the nice clothing that if they would like to have their windows clean when they are waiting their tank to full at gas station. There are chances that many will say yes and provide you with a tip. If you stay persistent and continue this job for a day, you can get $100 at the end of the day.

  • Another way to make dollars is the lemonade or chocolate stands.

These stands are usually misunderstood in terms of profit and revenue generated. People usually think that it is a childish work. But they are simple, convenient and needs free time. In reward you can earn $20 per hour. It may require some extra money to start up but it is not a big issue you can borrow extra $5 from friends or family.

Depending on weather choose the nature of thing to sale on stand. If it is summer go for lemonade and if it is winter choose hot chocolate to sell on stand. For other months in between winter and summer you can choose running items like coffee, candy and chocolate etc. Please make sure that you have permit for the stand if it is required in case you are going to sell in a city or town.

  • You can also use a strategy of “buy and sell”

Starting a buy and sell business is not a joke. Some even go for online loans just to fund their start-up business. Even though obtaining, looking and achieving okayed good to go signal for small-business loans can be difficult, the more geared up you are, the better. Make sure to find the correct loan. Opt for a kind of business loan according to your need visit A1 Credit for more options.

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Also check buy and sell online websites. One such type of website is Kijiji site. It is the Canadian site more like Craigslist where we can buy, sell and trade products. The UK equivalent of Kijiji site is Gumtree.

Here’s how you should do it.

  1. You first have to pick “buy and sell” option from the drop-down menu and leave the search field blank. It will show you more than 395,000 items.
  2. You have to find an item which is more common among people and the potential that they are selling and others are buying is strong. As you have only $1 so you have to find the items that cost less than $1.
  3. For such purpose you will choose the price range i.e. $0 minimum and $1 maximum in the price range bar given by Kijiji site at the left column.
  4. Then click on offering for the offer type. Now the item you will choose must be commonly used for which more buyers can show interest. Otherwise you will not find buyer and your efforts will be useless.
  5. You can choose furniture, clothing or art etc. There are chances that you might find some items totally free of cost and eventually a buyer looking for same item. For instance, you may find a basketball net for free on the Kijiji site. It is obvious that someone can be interested in this item. You have to find out who is interested to but basketball net?
  6. Now do search for basketball net and click on “wanted” for the offer type. Here you can find the people who are interest to buy a real basketball net. Imagine if someone is willing to pay $50 for it. If things go in your favor, I am sure you will not take more than an hour to turn your $1 into $100.
  • Another way is to sign up for freelancing websites and portals.

This is the easiest way to earn money without leaving your home due to the sites like Fiverr and freelancer etc. You have to create your seller account over these portals and select your skills like either you can do designing writing or any other task you are good at. Then you have to bid on the job.

If a client hires you, you can work for client and earn money. You can do anything on freelance jobs from logo designing to fixing sinks. Most of the jobs are remote meaning that you don’t have to meet the customer at all and you can make amount anything between #1 to $5000 depending on the task you have assigned.