Entrepreneurs Who Earn Money While Traveling

Entrepreneurs Who Earn Money While Traveling


Technological advancements have streamlined the life of entrepreneurs to a point where networking takes place on the likes of LinkedIn and business relationships are maintained through video conferencing. Nowadays, you don’t even have to leave the office to stick to your fitness routine.

With today’s demanding work environment, many entrepreneurs live by the “time is money” principle and completely disregard the importance of business travel in personal and business development. But, despite the negative attention that business travel is attracting,Air Charter Service uncovered some inspiring tales when they recently interviewed three traveling entrepreneurs for their blog.

Before John Lee Dumas’ started his own business Podcast EOFire, he was already skipping from one location to another for his real estate job. It was during his travels that he developed the idea for his own venture. John now travels between eight and ten times a year speaking at conferences or interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs for his podcast. When he’s not jetting off somewhere, he lets his creativity take off with new ideas and strategies to help his business grow.

John says that his iPod, Kindle and microphones are the only technology he needs to keep tabs on his business while traveling. Planning the schedule in advance, staying hydrated, eating right and getting enough sleep are crucial to a successful trip according to John.

His most memorable trip? “The four months I spent traveling in India. It really opened my eyes up to the diversity in the world, “says John.

Quitting your job and traveling the world often seems like a flight of fancy, but for Mike Michalowicz it was probably the most practical thing he could do for his career. He founded a company that carries his name and now travels about once every two weeks. Mike is an unstoppable force in business consultancy, except when there are flight delays, which is his biggest challenge.

Even though he is a successful entrepreneur, he doesn’t show off flashy tech (Mike says that his business runs on an inexpensive laptop and an ergonomic keyboard). Instead, he believes in a healthy approach to convenient travel, which includes exercising, packing his resistance bands and avoiding alcohol and coffee.

His most inspiring travel moment happened during a flight to LAX from Newark. When the flight departed, he was closing a deal to sell his company and when he reached his destination, he’d already received a cheque for it.

Colin Wright, owner of Exile Lifestyle, also exchanged office space for the open skies. Today he is a full-time traveler as a writer, podcaster and video producer. But, being a digital nomad isn’t always all that glamorous. Colin says it can sometimes be daunting to get everything done in a limited time when he doesn’t have access to the internet. Interestingly, being without internet was also one of his most rewarding experiences as it gave him an opportunity to generate ideas and outline his upcoming projects.

Colin is a minimalist when it comes to his travel gear – only his laptop, smartphone and notebook accompany him on his journeys. When it seems like his travels are taking their toll on him, Mike revitalizes his body and mind by exercising, getting plenty of sleep, eating well and listening to podcasts.

Read the full interview on Air Charter Service’s blog and see why we think John, Mike and Colin are a true inspiration for upcoming business travelers.