Essential Tips for Moving Alone to Another City

Essential Tips for Moving Alone to Another City

Who could say no to moving to a new city that they always dreamt about living in? Whether you are trying to find a job or already have secured one, moving can always be appealing. You get to met new people, see new places and experience a whole new culture.

The purpose of this post is to give you some perspective on the process of moving to a new city alone. Most people get overwhelmed by the thought of leaving their old friends and family behind and jumping into a whole new world.

And, as a result, they forget to plan and organize their travel. Lastly, not planning is one of the biggest mistakes one can make while moving across the country.

How to get familiarized with the new city?

1. Socialize and make new friends

Since you are moving alone to another city, you will have no clue which is the best mall, supermarket, grocery store, hospital, etc over there. Socializing has a lot of benefits. Your new friends will help you get acquainted with your new city so that you can later explore the nooks and crannies by yourself.

2. The map is not the territory

You might have the updated maps of the new city on your smartphone but spending time exploring the streets will give you more information about the new city than anything else. However, maps are necessary for navigation so make sure you have internet service on your phone; for Google maps but GPS is s satellite-based service and can run without internet service.

Challenges while moving to a new city

1. Finding a cost-effective moving broker

cost effective broker

United Van Lines is one of the best moving company in the United States and they have a good network of local moving agents. If your new city is far away from your current one and you have some decent luggage, you better hire one of the moving brokers who can help you make a smooth transition from one city to another. Keep in mind that it may take weeks for your luggage to get delivered. So, send all the heavy items well in advance of your date of moving.

2. Finding your new home

Things get easier once you find an apartment. For instance, the documentation and approval part takes a few hours and you can move into your new home by paying the deposit. But the tough part is to find a house in a safe and neighborly place.

However, in some places like the New York city, apartment hunting is a lot more complicated and things get more tedious as you move ahead in the process. You will have to hire a broker who will charge you commission and other fees. On top of that, there is a stringent verification procedure and paperwork that takes days to get through.


If you are someone who has moved to a new city before; and that too alone? You would already know the pitfalls that people fall into while doing so. But’s it’s essential for a newbie to become aware of all the challenges that might lay ahead. You don’t want to land in a new city and spend all your savings by overstaying in a hotel.