5 Ways to Save Money at Disneyland

5 Ways to Save Money at Disneyland

A trip to Disneyland with your friends or family can be very expensive. For adults, Disneyland can bring back childhood memories and for children, it is an experience of the lifetime. But this experience is becoming more precious with time. To save money on a trip to Disneyland you need to be fully prepared from advance.

Here are 6 ways to save money at Disneyland and have a great time with your friends or family members.

1.  Get Disneyland discount tickets

There are websites like getawaytoday.com that offer adult tickets to Disneyland at children’s prices. It makes no sense to pay full price when you can buy the same ticket for half its price.  Another way to save money at Disneyland is by buying a 5-day ticket instead of a single day pass. The 5-day ticket is very cheap and you get to spend more time in this amazing place.

2. Consider eating outside the Disneyland

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Food inside Disneyland is far more expensive than it is in the restaurants outside. Also, some hotels offer complimentary breakfast for their guests. So, you literally can spend zero dollars on breakfast. Avoid the Disney-owned hotels in and around Disneyland. They charge a lot more than non-Disney owned hotels.

3. Visit during the offseason

Visiting during the offseason is by far the best strategy to save money on your Disneyland trip. The offseason starts from January and ends in May of every year. These five months quite dull compared to the other time of the year but it will cost you a lot less. There are fewer shows during the offseason but there are some offseason special shows that will definitely make up for your loss.

4. Travel by Uber cabs

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If you are flying to Anaheim, California from your home town, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on renting a car. You can opt for a taxi service such as Uber to take you from the airport to your hotel and hotel to Disneyland. Plus there are some free shuttle services run by the hotels nearly. Just hop into one of these free shuttles. You don’t need to be staying at their hotel.

5. Buy the Disneyland Flex Pass

If you like visiting during the high traffic days and still want to save money, you should consider getting a Disneyland Flex Pass. The Flex Pass allows you to get a reservation on days that are usually busy. The Flax Pass will cost you $599 a year and will get you access to Disneyland and Disney California venture parks. You can make a reservation with Disneyland mobile app or their website.


Make sure you are clear about your budget before you book your tickets to Disneyland. Having a budget will give you the freedom to spend on things that are necessary and also work as an alert before you splash your cash on expensive souvenirs and dinners.