Editor’s Letter + MORE

Editor’s Letter + MORE

Turn Knowledge into Action

– businessblogshub.com

Turn Knowledge into ActionWhile New Zealanders in general have an excellent grasp of basic financial concepts, a recent survey has found that they are not so good at putting into practice what they know.
The survey, undertaken by the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income with the support of ANZ, ranked New Zealanders well ahead of other OECD countries on financial knowledge…

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People in a circular seating arrangement had a more positive impression of a travel ad urging them to make family and friends a priority than of an ad saying “Make yourself a priority” (3.78 versus 2.75 on a 7-point scale); but people in an angular seating arrangement, such as in rows at right angles, favored the self-oriented ad (3…

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To Sell Anything You Need to Know What Makes You Unique

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Celebrating Today's Bold Go-Getters

– foxsmallbusinesscenter.com

Small Business Week is a unique celebration of what’s great about our country. 

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Lego’s Secrets for Brand Longevity

– youngentrepreneur.com

How young entrepreneurs can emulate the success of powerhouse brand Lego.

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Getting Press: 8 Tips for Going HyperlocalSometimes the most effective marketing is the kind you do right outside your front door.National advertising campaigns might sound amazing in theory, but an entrepreneur’s secret marketing weapon could be waiting right outside the front door. We asked eight successful founders from the Young Entrepreneur Council to name some creative ways businesses can use hyperlocal press to their advantage…

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No matter how long someone has worked for you or how competent they are, everyone makes mistakes. When it comes to loan applications, make sure someone else’s mistake doesn’t cost you or your company.

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5 Best U.S. Cities to Host Your Business Conference

– .businessownersideacafe.com/

The location you choose for your business conference is almost as important as important as the speakers you hire and the meetings you plan.
The right location should provide plenty of activities, and should give your attendees affordable lodging close to the venue (travel deal sites such as hotelscheap…

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As we all know, it is tough to start your own business, especially with the drastic ups and downs of this modern economic climate.  With the right tools you will be able to tackle any task that you put your mind to; however if you are not prepared, your business will be eaten alive by the competition…

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Editor’s Letter

– startupnation.com/business-blogs/

To the citizens of StartupNation.com,
We are in the process of making some big changes at Startup Nation and I want to tell you about them.  To begin, consider an important question:
What is StartupNation?
That is the first question I asked when I was offered the position of Managing Editor of StartupNation in January 2013…

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