Don’t Forget About Event Insurance!

Don’t Forget About Event Insurance!


No matter the event you’re planning – whether it’s a charity event, club dinner, wedding or sports event, the mantra any event planner will tell you to live by is ‘anything can happen.’ With that in mind, shouldn’t you be planning for any eventuality? And what better way to start this planning than with event insurance? Event Insurance is something that is often overlooked but can be one of the most important things to ensure you have when you’re planning or hosting an event, no matter the size or type of event. And it’s much easier than you thought to organize event insurance.

Anything Can Happen

You’ve planned the big event – hired a tent with tables and chairs and long flowing white table cloths, you’ve organized the caterers and the wait staff and everything is ready to go off without a hitch. But the morning of the big event, heavy rain descends on the venue and those white table cloths get mud stained and dirty in minutes. Not a great start but you can roll with the punches and you send someone to go and replace the mud stained tablecloths at your expense. Then the guests arrive and while one of them is making their way to the venue, they slip on the wet ground and fall, injuring themselves. A simple event suddenly takes a turn for the worse, and you’re suddenly saddled with expensive medical bills.

Event Insurance Makes All the Difference

Let’s see the same scenario again, but this time with event insurance.

The tablecloths get replaced, but it doesn’t cost you anything – and that guest that fell? Well their medical bills are picked up by the insurance too, and your event is just as successful as it should be!

Of course, many more things could go wrong at your event than stained tablecloths. Event insurance can protect almost every aspect of your event – from prizes to gifts at a wedding.

Be Prepared with Event Insurance

Even the weather can cause a massive impact on your event and event insurance can cover it.

If you’re hiring a venue, something devastating could happen to it – from a flood that causes damage to the carpets or fixtures of the venue to a fire that burns the venue down, or even something smaller like a few broken windows or some broken fittings.

If you’re serving alcohol and one of your guests over imbibes and ends up in an accident, injuring himself or someone else, the event could be held responsible – even if they’ve already left your event.

There are many other scenarios at your event that might call for event insurance and when planning and hosting an event, you have countless things to worry about and the very last thing you need on your mind is liability that could be prevented by having solid event insurance in place. By using a reputable company like Direct Event Insurance the first time around, you can enjoy the event like it was meant to be enjoyed without all the unwanted stress and worries it might have come with.