Cost Of Living Crisis: How Self Storage Can Save Students Money in 2022

Cost Of Living Crisis: How Self Storage Can Save Students Money in 2022

Homesickness is real – balancing it with college assignments and social life is stressful for most students. With summer approaching, college and university students prepare to pack their dorm rooms. For millions of students, holidays can be the well-deserved break needed after facing the challenge of living away from home. 

There is one thing you probably haven’t thought about yet: where to place all your belongings during the holidays. Packing all your possessions and sending them home just to bring them back when the new term begins would be a nightmare. And if you are an international student, the situation worsens. 

It’s simply astonishing to realize how quickly we accumulate stuff, even when limited to a single dorm room. After a year abroad, it’s not rare to find yourself surrounded by additional furniture, cooking equipment, and clothing. 

As a student – there comes a time – when you need to look around to realize it is time to remove excess items. It’s more likely that you would be staying in much smaller accommodations than your family home. 

The current UK cost of living crisis affects everyone – and students are no exception. There is a continuous increase in utility bills, food prices, and tuition fees, amongst other costs, that makes it tougher to spend. It costs $4,700 per month to sustain a modest lifestyle in London.

That’s why self-storage facilities are such a great solution. Self-storage services help students balance their account books without breaking the bank. 

What Does Cost Of Living Crisis Mean For Students?

The cost of living crisis is hitting students the hardest across the UK. Most people will feel the effects of inflation, rising energy prices, and uncertainties caused by the Ukraine conflict. Many are concerned about affordability versus spending income. 

Another report highlighted three critical areas where UK students were affected by rising inflation:

  1. 73% of students are apprehensive about meeting needs efficiently
  2. Almost half (49%) of students work part-time to increase income. 
  3. 50% of students admit that these financial issues impact their mental health.

Not only this, on average, one in four students have less than £50 a month to live off after rent and energy bills, forcing them to look for alternate economical solutions. And in all this mayhem comes another stress – packing your belongings during semester breaks and paying a hefty amount to courier companies.

Student Storage Scenario In The UK

Undoubtedly, the United Kingdom is Europe’s most mature self-storage market in terms of supply. 

The student storage business in the UK is a growing sector where regions demonstrate double-digit growth from previous years. By the end of 2020, four regions of the UK recorded a supply of over 1 sq. ft. per person. According to Statista, the share of students using self-storage increased from 1.29% to 2.28%. 

Several news and studies report that the self-storage industry offers students affordable storage solutions and allows them to visit their homes or travel on holiday without stressing about their possessions.

Benefits Of Storage Units For Students

The student storage UK facilities make college life a breeze as now they can safely store all their belongings, including dorm room furniture, cooking utensils, and clothing. The sector offers convenient, affordable, and stress-free self-storage solutions allowing them to focus on what matters the most – education. 

If you are feeling stressed while considering the benefits of summer storage facilities, here are some reasons that support self-storage units:

Access To Extra Space

Often, students share a room with one or more roommates and have limited space. Larger storage spaces cost hundreds of pounds in the UK, and renting a room may not always be possible because of financial reasons. 

Where we can advise that you only carry your essentials to avoid clutter, that’s not possible for most people. So what’s the solution? Put that extra stuff in a climate control storage unit to keep your belongings safe and in good condition. 

Convenient And Safe 

Students require a storage solution they can rely on, therefore, storage companies have revolutionized their services and offer same-day pick up and drop services. Storage units are completely safe as your packed boxes are picked up by riders and kept in storage units with proper locking and security systems. Also, all valuables are safely stowed in storage units or racks with appropriate arrangements, delivering complete peace of mind.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to storage services in the UK, students are looking for reliable, convenient, and affordable services that offer all these and much more. Despite the rising cost of living crisis, you can opt for different storage services in the UK and peacefully enjoy your summer breaks or holidays. 

Self-storage units offer a wide array of unique features, and students can choose which fits their budget and storage needs. You no longer have to pay someone to keep your personal items safe or hire courier companies to send things back home just to bring them back as the new term begins.