The Common-Sense Approach to Slimming Down

The Common-Sense Approach to Slimming Down

Just like there’s a right and a wrong way to approach finances, this also rings true for losing weight. Sure, there are a range of different diets, methodologies, programs, and “gurus”, but the goal stays the same and most of the basics are consistent, especially if it’s a sustainable and healthy take on weight loss.

It’s true that everybody is different and we are genetically predisposed to have a certain build or store fat in various places. However, it’s important to also see our bodies as smart and efficient machines that work in a logical manner to keep you alive and well, powering all your day-to-day actions and activities.

With that in mind, there are some universal truths, that if kept in mind, should help even the most stubborn fat reserves melt away with hard work and dedication.

Truth #1:  When You Don’t Burn Calories, You Store Them

Calories have been getting some bad rap over the years, but the truth is, we can’t survive without them. Calories fuel our bodies!

However, when we eat more of them than our body needs, we store them as fat for a time of scarcity – which we rarely experience these days in the developed world. When we restrict the number of calories we consume, or else burn them with additional physical activity, we make our bodies use these fat reserves to power through this “time of scarcity”. A word of warning, however- a low calorie diet is not recommended for extended periods of time, something to be discussed with your doctor or medical advisor.

Truth #2: Moving Around Helps

There are a couple of ways in which regular exercise and physical activity can aid in slimming down. For one, it immediately burns calories. Your body burns fuel, also known as calories, in eliciting the responses you are looking for, whether that’s running 5 kilometers or lifting weights. Secondly, as you work out, you build muscle. Muscles require more calories to maintain at their state, meaning that even if you didn’t move all day and your body was just “vegetating” a muscular person would burn more calories than a person with small or underdeveloped muscles.

Truth #3: A Healthy Diet Plan is Key

A person who eats 1500 calories a day in KitKat bars will look vastly different than one who eats a varied menu of healthy food like lean proteins, leafy greens, and fiber-rich carbohydrates, even if the total number of calories is the same. And though calories are a good guide to start with, you will need to develop a menu that will address any of your current health concerns like high cholesterol, low iron, etc., while serving up delicious and nutritious options you will grow to appreciate. There are also many interesting and useful products on the market, formulated to help you achieve your goals with minimal effort.

A popular aid in weight loss are protein powder and supplements which can be incorporated into your food or else into smoothies or shakes. The best meal replacement shakes include fat burning supplements, which can help you slim down quickly, at maximum convenience.

As a final word, the best approach to slimming down is a consistent one. It might take a while to see the results that you want, especially if you are taking a sustainable approach, however, it’s worth sticking to.

Dedication and consistency are the magic sauce which activates this common-sense approach to losing a few pounds and slimming down. If you are doubtful that your “set up” is correct, don’t hesitate in reaching out to a professional with experience who will be able to tailor an optimal plan for you.