Advantages of Taking a Ferry Over Flying

Depending on your geographic location traveling may involve going from island to island such as in Hawaii.  My wife and I on more than one occasion have taken a ferry from Cape Cod to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard.  It is amazing to take a ferry as you are able to take in the scenery as you arrive at your destination.

Advantages of Taking a Ferry over Flying:

Car Available

Usually when you get to your destination you  need a car to get around, with a ferry you just drive up on the deck and your car is with you at all times.  Saving you time and money not having to wait in line to rent a car.

Incredibly Scenic

Depending on where you are taking a ferry to the views from the deck can be incredibly scenic and breathtaking.

Cheap Fares

Fares are usually less than flying and when compared to flying where you are charged additional fees to bring more bags.  Considering a ferry you can pack everything into your car and just drive it up onto the ferry.


When on a ferry you have the entire ferry ship to roam around on and see what there is to do.  If you were traveling by plane you would have to stay in your seat in the small cramped cabin.  If you chose to drive you would be sitting in your car.

If that is not convincing enough it is very relaxing to take a ferry and sit there with the one that you love.  Sometimes we are in too big of a rush to get to our destination and get going.  A ferry provides for a little respite to enjoy your company and just take in the sights.

I hope you consider taking a Cairnryan Ferry next time you are in the UK, you never know how great they are until you try one.

Have you ever taken a ferry?  Where did you take one and what was your experience?

Photo by: Kimb0lene

3 thoughts on “Advantages of Taking a Ferry Over Flying

  1. I’ve never taken a ferry. Interesting to think about.

  2. @ Michelle – They are very fun. We fortunately have taken them when the weather has been nice out so we got to be outside to experience and take in the scenery.

  3. Great piece. My brother has five kids and for fun they took the ferry across Lake Michigan from Ludington (I believe) to Green Bay (maybe…). He said the first half was awesome. The second half? See the part about five kids……

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