6 Ways Household Women Can Make Money from Home

Household women, in spite of being extremely talented, often don’t earn any money from their skills. However, thanks to the advent of Internet, the task of taking projects and delivering the work has become significantly easy. These days, even if a woman is not skillful, she can earn a good living – all from her home.

There are so many opportunities for women (and even men) out there, that it is difficult to believe. However, the key here is to focus on your strengths and go for only the most-genuine and helpful ways.

Let’s now cut to the chase and get straight to the point:

1. Writing

If you’re a writer, then you’re perhaps the luckiest of all. The Internet runs on content and there are plenty of websites that are willing to pay well for great content. Some of the resources you can checkout being a writer are –

eHow – eHow is very popular ‘how-to’ website that has a large pool of how-to articles.

oDesk – Other than traditional article writing jobs¸ oDesk also provides audio transcription jobs. You just have to find good projects that pay well. Simple!

About.com – About.com is one popular site that pays to people for guiding others. While a lot of people have already been making money, there are still plenty of opportunities out there for you.

SoftwareJudge – SoftwareJudge provides an option to review the software programs listed on it and get paid. The good thing is – you don’t have to be a techie; just review the software, how it works¸ etc. and give your honest opinion.

MyEssays.com – On MyEssays, you can sell your essays and earn money. All you got to do is – write essays that are in demand and sell it. It’s a student network, so you can make quite well because of the large pool of students willing to buy/sell their essays.

2. Designing

Design of products, services, and websites has never been as important as it is today. If you’re a designer, then the below resources shall be immensely helpful to you:

Threadless.com – Threadless.com is a site that pays for designing t-shirts. The only challenge is to get the first couple of designs sold; once that happens, you can design more and earn more.

Ponoko.com – Ponoko pays well, really well for designing products. Be it digital or real products, as long as they are nicely designed, you can sell ‘em for quite a good price.

Aniboom.com – If you love animation, you can work on animation projects that are listed on the site. Your fees depend on the amount of work and how well you do it. The site has comparatively low number of contributors, so it can be easily tapped in.

Inkd.com – Inkd.com is a (not-so) popular marketplace for creative businesses. If you have the skill to design logos, business cards, brochures and even templates, Inkd is the go-to place for you.

Zazzle.com – Zazzle.com is a site where people get customized designs for their products. From gifts to arts; cards to accessories, you can design everything. The key is to choose one or two of the products that you’re extremely great at and work only on them until you become an authority in that product design.

3. Coding

Most coders create stuff that they never use due to multiple reasons or use it only once or twice. For those who create websites and loves technical work, they might want to consider the options below:

Flippa.com – Do you know how to code a website? If yes, then Flippa.com is the world’s biggest marketplace for websites. You can put your website on auction and sell it to the highest bidder. Don’t worry, even if you don’t have enough traffic on the website, if the website-idea is unique and has earning potential, you’ll manage to find good buyers.

BuySellApp.com – If you have built an app, Android app to be specific, then BuySellApp.com will help you sell it. The site is quite good at what it does and if your app idea is good and is technically sound, it will most-likely bring you some returns.

AppTopia.com – AppTopia.com is another website that you can sell your apps. The site was launched a couple of months ago but is already in the news for the results it is getting for app sellers.

BuyStockScripts.com – Ever wondered if you could sell your scripts? If not, then you should now. BuyStockScripts.com is a wonderful website that allows hardcore coders to sell their codes at hefty prices. Whether you’re a PHP expert or a Javascript expert, BuyStockScripts.com would help you get buyers for your scripts.

4. Doing Fun Stuff

Who doesn’t love entertainment? So what better way to earn money while having a lot of fun? There are many resources that can help you support your financial life “without actually working.”

Gamesville.com – Gamesville.com is one of the few sites that pay people for playing games online. The money varies from one game to another, however, if you become good at a particular game, the more money you’ll make. The good thing is – to make money, you can play only those games that interest you.

Depositfiles.com – Depositfiles.com pays you for uploading files on it. Sounds strange, right? But that is right. The way it work is, you upload a particular file on it and then share the download link. The more the downloads, the more the money. As simple as that!

Moola.com – Moola.com is an interesting concept that you would get paid to play games against other players. The site has so far given around $4,334,843 to the winners. And, if you think you’re smart enough to win against other players, then Moola.com is for you.

Mevio.com – Mevio.com is a website that pays for podcasting. If you have interest in animals, food or comedy, you can submit your own podcast and get paid for it. Mevio.com is quite unpopular, so you hold a good chance of making some great Moolah on it.

5. For Creative Artists

For creative artists, the below list is a great opportunity to get creative and earn.

IdeaBuyer.com – IdeaBuyer.com is a website that is interested to purchase your ideas. That is true. They buy intellectual property. I mean, they allow you to sell or license a patent and even get it on stores. The site also helps you in finding manufacturers of your concept. For creative thinkers, this in itself a great idea.

Etsy.com – For hand crafters, Etsy.com is a great platform to sell their hand-made items. From clothes to curtains; from artistic products to paintings, anything that you can create can be sold here. The site is a common name among household women and provides good returns for the items that gets sold.

ImageKind.com – Imagekind.com is a marketplace for photo books, custom frames, prints & posters, photos on canvas, poster peels and cards skin. There are many great artists out there who sell their creations on it for quite good amount. This is a pretty platform if you want to make some additional money using your artistic skills.

PickyDomains.com – PickyDomains.com pays you for coming up with creative domain names. With hundreds and thousands of domain names being registered every day, it has become difficult for people to find unique domain names for their businesses. This is where you can turn in, suggest few creative domain names and earn for it. Pretty simple stuff!

6. Helping Others

Those whole like socializing and creating an impact on other’s life can go through the below list of money-making-resources.

Tutor.com – Tutor.com, as the name itself suggests, pays you for tutoring. There are many people on it and there is huge earning potential for those who love teaching. You can find online students that you can teach from the comfort of your home. The site has been featured on The New York Times, CNN, FamilyCircle and is loved by hundreds and thousands of women.

AirBnb.com – AirBnb.com is one of the most rapidly growing start-ups on the web. You can rent your house to random travelers to your city and get paid. AirBnb provides a great money-making opportunity along with a chance to meet with new people.

JustAnswer.com – JustAnswer.com is waiting for all the experts to answer questions of the questionnaires. The site is well-known for having some really good experts in multiple fields that have helped by giving great expert advice to the users. If you’re an expert of something, then JustAnswer.com will help you cash on your expertise.

You see, there are plenty of options for household women to earn a living. The good part of these opportunities is – they are all independent of recession, economic conditions, etc.

The only thing required from you – consistent efforts and hard work; that’s it, you’ll easily have an additional source of income to lead a better life.