Craig, I love you man!!

Have I told you lately how much I love Craigslist?  Well I love it.  If you have followed my blog from the beginning you would see that I use Craigslist for everything.  That fancy logo at the top, painting of my house, snowblower, dishwasher, my house, renting of our rental unit and the list goes on. 

Well this most recent sale was for the sale of my old golf clubs.  I started out golfing right handed because that was the only clubs that we had around when I was younger.  I am a natural lefty and one day I hit a left handed club, there was so much untapped power that I hadn’t been using.  I switched to lefty and purchased a cheaper set a few years ago.  Well this April, I bought a new set of Ping irons that were an inch longer for someone who is 6’4.  Listed the clubs and a few weeks later, I had a gentleman give me a call and express his interest.  So today after work I met the man and he examined the clubs and shot low with an offer.  I countered in-between my asking price and his low offer, which coincidentally was more than I paid 2 years ago.  He was happy thinking he got a great deal on the set of clubs and I was happy using the clubs 2 years and making money on them.

Moral of the story, know the product that you are trying to sell.  Make it as presentable as you can so that when the buyer views the product they can see it in the best condition possible.  Since Craigslist is similar to a garage sale or flea market, be open to negotiation on the price of a product.  Know your bottom line and if you want to sell it you might have to come off your asking price and have fun.



Photo By: Eilidh

9 thoughts on “Craig, I love you man!!

  1. That’s awesome that you managed to make money on your golf clubs. Nie job setting the asking price high. It’s also pretty funny that all along you were using the wrong handed clubs. You must notice a big difference now unless you are fairly ambidextrous.

  2. If you ever need extra cash, check out the gigs section on craigslist. Once in a while I will do a job that someone posts under gigs.

  3. Hahahha I love that picture. I love craigslist too. I mostly use it for selling items but also finding items that are cheaper than ebay or amazon. My BF is addicted to Craigslist but he knows the going prices for a lot of stuff – he has gotten a new Weber grill (for $15), pool pumps for $100 instead of $500, pool heater ($100 instead of $500), and pool cleaners and accessories…all for cheap. He also sold his Yamaha R6 motorcycle through it for a lot more than he thought it would sell for!

  4. I know a few people that use Craigslist for everything. My brother turned a PS3 and a few games into a riding lawnmower after selling the PS3 for a bow-and-arrow and through a few more transactions.

    It’s quite awesome but I find it to be a bit of a hassle sometime and you’re never quite sure what to expect.

  5. I like craigslist as well. I bought my first car for $5000 and 32,000 miles and 5 years later I sold it for $3200. Pretty good deal to me!

  6. I love Craigslist. I just found my new dog on there this past weekend. lol

    My selling strategy is too always ask more than I really want so that I can let someone “talk me down” so that they feel like they are getting a deal. Everyone wins 🙂

  7. I love craigslist. I’ve sold an electronic piano, drum set and found a great handyman. Unfortunately, I think the handyman fell off the wagon and is MIA now 🙂

    1. @ Barbara- Awwww I found the guy to paint our house there. He was great, I wish I had more work for him since his rates were so reasonable!

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