5 Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Deductible

Everyone needs car insurance, however everyone also wants to save money and get the best rates possible. In addition to lowering your monthly payments or premiums, maybe individual also look for ways to lower their auto insurance deductibles. Here are 5 ways to effectively and successfully lower this deductible and save money on your car or auto insurance.

  1. Shop around for different rates. It is always best to compare rates between difference car auto insurance company to get a feel for what each company has to offer. Also, be sure to mention that you re shopping around since often times insurance companies will be willing to negotiate the deductible or price with you in order to gain your business and remain competitive in the auto insurance market.
  2. Make sure you have the right amount of coverage. Often, no one teaches you about what you do and do not need when it comes to car insurance. When you first got your insurance, you likely didn’t know what you would or would not need. Now that you have a better idea, look through and be sure to call to find out what coverage you do have. You may be able to lower your rates and your deductible by removing this that are unnecessary from your coverage and insurance plan.
  3. Call and ask to lower the deductible to a fee you can afford to pay in case of an accident or emergency related to your vehicle. However, be aware that often the more you pay in the form of a deductible in case of an accident, the lower your monthly rates will be. While you will not have to pay as much in an emergency situation when you need your insurance, you will have to pay a higher fee for your premiums each month.
  4. Get quotes on the phone instead of online. While online quotes are ideal for convenience and can help as you are perusing, it is definitely better to talk to a real, live person on the telephone. This will allow you to negotiate for the best deal while also ensuring you are getting coverage that is specific to your needs and your situation. Often the first insurance companies people check out include Geico, All State, Progressive or State Farm.
  5. Finally, ask about discounts and deals. Bundling your insurance payments is a great place to start. Often you will get a better deal or rate if you bundle your car insurance with your home insurance. Another way to save is to ask if they offer long-term membership benefits to those who have used the insurance service for many years.

When trying to lower auto insurance deductibles, doing your research and negotiating can go a long way. Be sure to compare rates, really understand what kinds of coverage you have and determine if it is all necessary, ask questions when talking to an insurance agent such as State Farm Insurance Agent Russ Levinton, look for discounts and deals, and consider bundling insurance plans such as car and home so that you can enjoy the best results.