5 Great Habits of A Smart Retiree

What could be the best thing that could happen to a retiree? A handful of savings, spouse and grand kids around, a healthy body and of course, a financially stable lifestyle. That’s it! If you’re a smart individual, you would be thinking about your retirement from an early age.

But if you’re not, don’t worry because today we are going to discuss some of the best habits of smart retirees that you can also adopt in your life. Read on… and learn more about them.

1. Smart Retirees are Great Planners

First and foremost, smart retirees are absolutely great planners. They plan their future when they are in their mid-thirties and mid-forties or even earlier than that. Obviously, not every part of the plans become successful but they ensure that the most important aspects of their plan are fulfilled.

So, what do we learn from them?

Well, in order to be a smart retiree and to have a secure life even after you stop work, you need to start planning. Consider a goal in different aspects of your life such as wealth, health, family, charity, post-retirement activities and start working on these plans one after the other. Also, consider working after retirement to boost your savings chest.

To create a proper plan of your financial security, take help from your family, friends and even financial advisors. Remember, since this is going to determine how well you would live your life after retirement, don’t make any hasty decisions.

Usually seeking help from elders who have managed to create a successful retirement life for themselves also help in great ways. Ask them how exactly they planned, what challenges did they face and how did they overcome it.

Put your entire plan about your retirement on a piece of paper; results have shown that plans on paper get 60% more results than plans that are not on paper. Don’t just plan well but stick to that plan until you meet them.

2. Smart Retirees Are Health-Conscious

What separates people of same group (60+) and similar financial conditions? It’s their health of course. Smart retirees are always conscious about their health. They not only indulge themselves in physical activities but also take care of their diet.

You know, good savings and being financially stable would mean nothing if you require to spend that money on improving your health. Most insurance companies, unfortunately, don’t pay a major portion of the healthcare bill. So, savings that go into your treatment wouldn’t get you any benefits.

Of course, you can get well with it but being healthy saves that too. This is what smart retirees focus on.

Don’t worry if you’re in your mid 40s or your mid 50s; it’s never late to start taking care of your health. Start any physical activity today; recent research has shown the morning jog can increase lifespan up to 5 years and it’s an incredible fact. Or begin with walking 30 minutes per day.

These small steps can help you improve your health drastically. Along with a physical activity, also start maintaining your diet. Stop eating junk food that can spoil your health in the long run.

Over a period of time, when you find yourself, more energized, healthier and physically active, you can lead a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

3. Smart Retirees Are Family Oriented

The mistake that most people make is – when they think of retirement, they only think of financial stability. But, in reality, there are plenty of things that make the post-retirement life perfect. And, family is one of the most important aspects of it. With the money, with health if you’re alone with nobody to talk to, then it would all look worthless to you.

Smart retirees are surrounded by their family members, friends, ex-colleagues, etc. They go to parties and travel around with their families. So, in other words, smart people are very social and have the art of dealing with people around.

They not only keep themselves happy but people around them also happy. They value relationships and ensure that work doesn’t affect relationships and relationships don’t affect work.

So, being an aspirant of successful post-retirement time, you need to start working on balancing your work/life and valuing relationships.

In order to become a socially active individual, start talking and listening to people that matter to you. Take out separate time that can help you create a lasting impression in their hearts and minds.

So, if you want to be among smart retirees who enjoy every comfort of life after their retirement, you need to start getting more family oriented. The sooner you get, the better!

4. Smart Retirees Are Inspiration to Youngsters

Although, not necessary, one great aspect of smart retirees is that they are an inspiration to youngsters. What most people fail to realize is that – while it is significant to be healthy, wealthy and socially active, smart retirees have a sense of responsibility upon them and they make their best efforts to help the younger generations.

They are wise, knowledgeable, and support their children from wrong-doings. They help their children from making the same mistakes that they made. In other words, they mentor them and guide through different aspects of life.

Therefore, you as an individual should start preparing your children for the hardships they will face in life.

The point we’re trying to make here is – if you only think about yourself and don’t educate your children about different aspects of life, then they won’t be happy. And, when they are not happy, you would also not be satisfied with your life.

Plus, when you act as a role model for your children, they would look up to you and they’ll respect you. When you fall ill, they will be there for you and support you through that phase.

5. Smart Retirees Are Never Idle

Another key trait of smart people is that, they always choose a post-retirement activity that can keep them engaged. It doesn’t have to be a 10-6 job but it can be anything like, conducting 1-2 hours classes for youngsters in your field. You can train them and help them have better career.

Or it can also be contributing in charities (of course, only when you have good savings) or even traveling once a quarter to a new destination. The key here is not to sit idle at home and do nothing.

Rather than doing nothing, it is always great to engage in things that you couldn’t do in your pre-retirement time. A lot of people say, “let me first build a career and I’ll do it post-retirement” or things like “I always want to travel but never have enough time.”

You know, life always takes unexpected turns and a lot of times, you don’t get to accomplish what you dream of. But although, you don’t work on that one particular desire at times because of your daily life, you can work on it post-retirement.

These are things that you can do once you’re done with your day-to-day life. And, smart retirees always pursue their undone tasks, dreams and wishes. And, if you do that, you’ll also be counted among them.

To conclude, there are several smart and intelligent people around our lives that aspire to be. For people on the verge of retirement, it’s about how they can lead a successful post-retirement life. If you’re also among them, then you need to have the above 5 traits of smart retirees. As simple as that!