World’s Best Financial Advisors You Should Listen To

One of the biggest reasons why most people suffer with unstable financial life is – they listen to wrong financial advisors. The fact is – the economy is so unpredictable that it is impossible for any ordinary financial advisor to predict how it would be 3 years down the line.

Yet, a lot of people believe their advice and get into trouble. Having said that, not all financial advisors suck; some are really great. Anyway, today, we’re going to speak about some of the world’s best financial advisors that you can/should listen to.

These advisors are incredible in the way they predict economies and are also good at suggesting right places to invest the money in:

Greg Vaughan

Greg Vaughan of Morgan Stanley’s Private Wealth Management has been named among the world’s leading financial advisors for the past few years. In fact, he has been named as the top advisor by Barron’s list of top 100 financial advisors 2012.

Greg has been associated with Morgan Stanley’s Private Wealth Management since 1980. He has provided excellent investment advice to the users for nearly 30 years turning hundreds of investors into millionaires.

He is presently the managing director of the business and is responsible for analyzing client objectives, determining strategic and tactical asset allocation policies, selecting investment management and even reviewing results.

Greg always goes the extra mile to teach and educate people on how to make profitable investments and get the most from them.

Brian Pfeifler

Brian Pfeifler was not only among the top financial advisors to listen to, but was among the youngest advisors in the country. Brian was transferred to Morgan Stanley PWM group to manage high-yield and corporate bond portfolios.

With years of expertise in picking hedge fund managers, Brian suggests hedge funds can be amazingly fruitful to client’s portfolios if they are used appropriately.

He lives in Manhattan with his family and is known for his ability to invest in profitable markets that yield high returns in a short period of time. When he joined the private team at Morgan Stanley where all the partners had experience in other fields including real estate, trading, etc. and all his clients were from the US.

However, within few years of his being in charge, their client portfolio spread to the Europe as well.

Ric Edelman

Ric Edelman has been among the top advisors in the country for nearly 9 years now. And, Barron’s has named as the #1 independent financial advisors twice and in 2012, the renowned industry website, called him as the most influential financial advisor in the entire USA. Apart from these recognitions, Ric is also a New York Times best-selling author.

His 7 books have been translated in nearly 6-7 different languages and have been sold for more than a million times. Ric is an inspiration to hundreds and thousands to seek to have a stable financial life. His passion to help and expertise in personal finances was so enormous that his company Edelman Financial Services was named as one of the fastest growing privately held financial planning firm in the country.

If you’re also struggling to learn about the best investments then you ought to check what he has to say.

Roger Coleman

Roger Coleman is another financial advisor who has left an impact on all his clients. He leads the Coleman Group of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, a team of 60 highly qualified and experienced Financial Advisors, and Client Service Associates. Roger was also named among the top 3 in Barron’s 2011 list of Top 100 Financial Advisors.

He is the managing director at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and has been helping people with their personal finances for nearly 30 years now. Roger has build relationships with a lot of Fortune 500 companies and several other financial advisors and today, he is considered as one of the most influential advisors in the US.

For people looking for great financial advisors to get themselves march towards financial independence, Roger is definitely one of the best people to listen to. Roger has managed to change the lives of hundreds of people with smart and intelligent advice.

Marty Bicknell

The Chief Executive Officer of Mariner Holdings, Marty Bicknell is also among the leading financial advisors in the country. It is the parent company of Mariner Wealth Advisors and Montage Investments. In the year 2010, Marty was named as the number two on Barron’s 2010 list of Top Independent Financial Advisors in the US.

They have earned a reputation of providing absolutely excellent financial advisors under the leadership of Marty. Some of the core areas where Marty holds expertise is –

• Getting strategic direction of distinct business entities.

• Analyzing and anticipating market trends and providing insights about future opportunities in the financial services sector.

• Giving visionary solutions to the clients based on their present financial conditions.

These are the ways, Marty can assist his clients. Apart from that, his expertise in understanding where the next investment should be and how to turn over current financial crisis into something profitable can be immensely helpful to his clients.

Steve Lockshin

Steve Lockshin, the founder of Convergent Wealth Advisors in 1994, is also among the independent Top Financial Advisors that you can look up to. He is not only among the leading but is a thought leader in the wealth management industry.

Convergent today is among the leading firms that provide personalized wealth management advices to individuals and businesses – thanks to the leadership of Steve. Steve has received several awards being in the finance sector including the #1 position on Barron’s Top 2011 Financial Advisors.

If you intend to receive the best advice that can help you attain a stable lifestyle and grow your wealth, then Steve is the person you can reach out to.

He also founded Advizent to promote client-centric wealth management tips to consumers and to help them make wise financial decisions.


Being able to make the best decisions is an important aspect of wealth management. And, if you’ve never managed huge wealth before or need some expert advice on making smart investments, then these are the people you should talk to. Although, some of them may or may not be of your city, they’d be happy to assist you with their expertise.